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Hi! I'm not quite sure what this profile is gonna have content wise, but I know what the stories will do. Push the envelope.

I have been writing for years, but, I tried to keep my stories as child friendly as possible (with, some exceptions)

I will continue to write child friendly stories, but this will be a mature profile.

I will not write smut, as I find it gross, and even if I didn't, I think it would be terribly written. However, I will cover topics such as.

LGBTQ Rights

Domestic Violence


Gun Control Laws

Gun Violence

Child Abuse

Mental Illness

Colored People's Rights


Body Shaming



Teenage Pregnancy/Teenage Parenting

And who knows what else. However, one thing I will not cover is eating disorders. While they may be mentioned, I am not mentally stable enough to cover that, as I am someone who has been very tempted to starve myself in the past.

And yes, there may be some fun stories on here, but mostly dark.

And obviously, you guys can request stories!

So far, the only fandom I know I wanna do something from is New Girl, and maybe some Marvel stuff (cause my username, duh) but if you know of good shows/movies I should watch, let me know!

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