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Update: 12/13/2017

I humbly welcome everyone to my profile. I have been a writer here for many years and I tend to stick to certain categories : Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, OTH, Charmed, The Tudors, though I have been considering wandering into other areas.

I haven't been here in forever! But foraying back now - being a stay at home mom of 1 and pregnant with #2 gives me a little more time to write. And I have SO many ideas!

Ships I sail: Usa/Mamo (in all forms), Jason/Kat, Leo/Piper, Lucas/Peyton, King Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn Katniss/Peeta Sue/Sean

I tend to not stray from these couples very often, because I know them and I feel I can do a semi decent job writing them, though I will sometimes write about other couples if challenged to do so.

Please feel free to ask me anything, I am an open book :) I have been a member since '06

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