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Okay...about me...

I'm a teacher Texas in our wonderful U.S.A. I'm certified as a generalist, but my passions are Science and Math. Though currently I am not teaching, as I am staying at home with my daughter. I went to college at a private University in Arkansas. I'm 29 years old. I like reading, writing and video games. I enjoy working out when I have time. weird, I know. I have three cats Franky, Smokey, and Tiger (RIP Spanky). Franky is huge! 19 lbs! I have on rabbit, Browny (RIP Rascal & Confucius). I have one snake, Professor Cocoa(a Chocolate California Kingsnake) [RIP Phoenixx(a Scarlet Kingsnake)]. Can you guess where I got my pename? I have a wonderful husband as of May 2009, and an amazing little daughter as of January 2015! I am a Christian. I love God with all my heart. I'm Church of Christ. Have no fear! We are not all as judgmental and hypocritical as people think. I do NOT believe that everyone who is not CofC is going to Hell. Is that enough about me?

Things I like to read in fanfiction:

Harry Potter- I like Harrycentric, Percycentric, and Roncentric fics. I like Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Percy/Audrey. I like fics where Sirius, Remus, and Severus care about Harry. Genres: Drama, Angst, Action, Adventure, lots of things! I have a variety of likes.

Outsiders- I like reading about (in order) Ponyboy, Steve, Johnny, Darry, Sodapop, Dally, Two-bit. So basically i like the gang. Lol! Same Genres as HP.

Things I don't like to read:

Love Triangles (I always feel bad for the loser), and SLASH! I dislike the same gender relationships. I believe they are sinful. Rest assured, I do NOT dislike anyone who is homosexual. I apologize if I offend anyone; I truly do not wish to.

Things you will never find in my stories:

Slashes, Cuss words, and sexual references.

My policy on Reviews and advice:

WELCOME!! I've started writing fan fic not only because I enjoy Harry Potter, but I also would like to become a better writer. I hope people like my work, but I also would like as much advice as possible.


I have 2. This one is used for reading and reviewing. The other(Scarlet Phoenixx) is used for writing. :)

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