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After all the things you put me through
Tell me why I'm still in love with you

A fairytale that isn't coming true
You've got some growing up to do

You broke my heart
I'm taking it back from you

Name: unknown

Old FanFic Username: Earth it

Age: youthfully beautiful

Gender: girl and proud to wear blue jeans

Element: Earth

Fav couples: Kyo/Thoru, Zuko/Katara, Aang/Toph, Roy/Riza, Zolo/Nami

My pen name on FictionPress: Queen of Not Much



I will never betray their love!

Zutarans will stick 2gether,

We will be strong and stay above!

Kataang will never prevail, we will win this war,

And even if we're losing,

That's reason to fight all the more!"- Zutara-Princess(i totally agree! Zutara 4 evr!)

yay we're doomed-Gir

idiotS you mean there are more than just me. we should form a club. we can make jackets-Cosmo

i was going to say something, but i found out, i like the awkward silence-Me

i said "ouch", as in that hurt you fool-Musica(sooo hot)

Shigure: you like?

Hatori(reading Shigure's magazine): it makes me sick

Real beauty is singing in the shower- Under the lid of a lipgloss

Me:Why did the chicken cross the road?

Older sis: to get to the other side.

Me: Darn you for knowing stuff

Come join the dark side. you get to wear black. and look at this cape. girls dig the cape-Darth Vader imatater(Fairly Odd Parents episode)

Join the dark side. we are now serving cookies-Random Peoples

More buttons that don't do crap-random buttons on Spaceballs

my life is boring which usually means it's normal-Me

i'm the planing guy,you two are the water-bending chopping guys and together we make TEAM AVATAR-Sokka

The clock is ticking life away- Linkin Park(in the song In the End)

My dreams ran like sand through the fists I have made- Superchick

Damn right, I'm a ninja genius- Sasuke

BAAALEVE IT- Naruto (omigosh he says that line sooo many times)

What a drag- Shikamaru

Bravo... Kyoya... mon ami... mon ami!!- Tamaki (and his french-ness)

It has violence, eductation, and more violence.. YAY VIOLENCE!!- Timmy Turner and his dad (when watch "Dimsdale Sewer Gator")

A picture is worth a thousand words and a story is worth a thousand images– Spleefmistress

Yuki, Tohru, I'm ho-ome! And Kyo, I hope you're not doing something stupid and tearing up my house aga-ain! -Shigure

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring to destroy my house... -Shigure

Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something. -Westly (The Princess Bride)

The jacket don't make you a man, it just make you look cool. -Captian of a crab boat Deadliest Catch(He gave his jacket to the rookie of the crew)

We all different, but, in the end, we all just fruit -Gus(My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

Every life needs a purpose, living with no purpose is the same as being dead- Gaara

Corn is ni~ce- Cosmo

after Verne falls out of his shell again What is the point of that thing?- RJ(from Over the Hedge)

Dale blasts rock music
Chip: Turn that off. I can't think.

Dale: It's death metal. You're not suppose to think.

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