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Favorite Books:

~Harry Potter: literally the series that made me like reading.

~Inheritance Cycle: Has dragons in it, I like dragons.

~Wheel of Time: *spoilers* One of the main characters literally goes from shepherd to king, to god emperor. That's a success story if I've ever seen one.

~Way of Kings: Life hits these characters so hard and they just keep getting back up.

What I want to see Eventually:

~Jaune and Mercury Friendship: I saw a bit of it in 'A Monsters Mariage' they have some real potential.

~Good Guy Cardin Winchester: Honestly Coeur Al'Aran has done the best for this and his writing was literally my first introduction to the fandom so I came in thinking he was a guy trying to be a better person.

~Just trying to survive Roman Torchwick and Neopolitan: Again, Coeur Al'aran does this routinely to very good quality.

~A fic where the Spiritual aspects of Aura is explored:

Reason for the name:

~I have no idea, it just popped into my head.

RWBY headcannon:

~ Jaunes Aura has not been active the whole time: So everyone's Aura has to be trained, except Jaunes. Jaunes Semblance also happened to be Aura Amplification. What if, Jaune instinctively Amplified his inactive aura to produce something similar to everyone else.

~ Jaunes dad does not have Aura, he's just a crazily competent MadLad that kills the Grimm by always having a plan and always going out with someone at his back.

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