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Joined Aug '18

Name: [Redacted]

Pen Name: Arnold S. Troong (Just call me Arnold)

Age: 20

Alignment: Lawful Evil

I'm a true devil's advocate. It doesn't matter if our goals or ideals in life align, I'll find some way to argue with you about something. I'm just that type of asshole.

Theme song: GOSSIP, Maneskin, Tom Morello.

Been a while here, but for those who look here, just know that I'm kind of... Done? More like I'm trying to move on with life. That's all. I still enjoy writing and occasionally do so, but I'm just more focused on life stuff rather than Fan Fiction.

Or at least That's What I tell myself most of the time. It shocks me that I still get PMs and Reviews on some stories about whether or not I'll continue some stories. Granted it's more or less in the back of my mind, but I figured I might as well take a crack at getting back to finishing and writing some of my stories. After all, everyone deserves a resolution to their story.
Good guy or not.

On another note, If anyone knows A RWBY- Specific Artist who's likely to draw a cover art Whom I can commission, I would very much like to know.

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