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So... I'm primarily here to read and enjoy the rest of you's creativity - and I must say that a lot of you are very talented.

The combination of the sparetime I have to myself is limited and the fact that I am very fussy with my reading prefrences means that don't really feel like investing myself in something new with the risk of beeing disapointed with a story.

So here's to you guys my everyday heroes who with your creativity saves me from being a one dimensional character in my own life - Thank you!

With that being said... Guys... Some of you writes way to long authors notes. Now I'm fully aware that most people need to convey something with the first author note and that's just fine, but to give you guys a hint if you are several chapters inside your story and your author note is almost as long as your chapter on the story, then perhaps you should reconsider the situation.

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