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~Warning, your about to enter the Twilight Zone.

Between the Wonderful and Strange, buckle up and enjoy the ride.~

Hey there, and welcome to my odd little brains combination of stories I am quite excited you have chose to drop by.

Let me introduce myself, I am Kate or by my fellow roleplay buds Kyomi, a full grown gal with a great love for writing not only fics but my own original works which I am in the process of getting published while working on my GED.

Fanfiction.Net is a perfect place to stretch my writing legs and bring a few interesting plot bunnies to life.

I have a large love for fandom's, far to many to list. However the main content will be mainly crossovers. From romance, to family situations. AUs, yes slight self inserts that hopefully will not suck along with cannon.

In other words, expect the unexpected.


Anything to do with Japanese history or lore.

European Medieval Times

History in general.



Voice Acting




Fandom's Currently Peeking My Interest


Rurouni Kenshin


Voltage Inc: Samurai Love Ballad

Voltage: Era of The Samurai, Code of Love

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy XV

Mass Effect

Dragon Age

Detroit Become Human

Doctor Who

BBC Robin Hood

BBC Merlin


Little House on The Pariae

Air TV

Current Fanfics in The Work

A Gamer’s Parent In Thedas :

Dragon Age, a OC insert twist of a fan drawn into Thedas.

2. Immortal Heart:

BBC Merlin/InuYasha

Two Immortals find comfort in each others presence and perhaps a bit more.

Kikyo/Merlin [Short slow gift fic one to my Roleplay buddy Arthur.]

3. Miko Among Wolves

InuYasha/ Hakuoki

After being trained within the Shikon no Tama by Midoriko, Kagome awakes to find all traces of yokai and erased from history,along with her friends. Now under the protection of the Shensengumi the young time traveling miko must survive the rising tides of war and piece together what happened to those she loved.

(Toshizo Hajikata/ Kagome)

4. Mending The Shattered

InuYasha/ Rurouni Kenshin

Both lost the love of their lives. Now, fate has chosen to bring them together in effort to heal and change their fate. (Slow Burn short chapter challenge)

Izayoi/ Kenshin

5. Detroit Become Thedas

Dragon Age/Detroit Become Human

Five androids,one human tossed into a medieval dark fantasy . Will they survive the surprising changes they face, or will fate finally roll her dice on a darker end.

(Short Chapter Prompt.)

Redemption Of The Fallen

InuYasha FF7 Crossover

A second Chance for Sephiroth to redeem his past sins by helping a miko with a doomed future

Pairing: Sephiroth/Midoriko

[Slow updates]

Remembering Lance

Detroit Become Human

A small memorial fic for a young boy in my community who took his life recently after being bulied severly in school. He loved DBH so this for him

Original Works to Pubshed

1.Onna Bugeisha No Shinsengumi

2 . Her Ghostly Samurai

To be published on

Short Stories

1.Katelyn Again And Again

Story links (coming soon..)

Other Links

Facebook Page (Coming soon..)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my crazy mind.

Keep writing and smiling my friend's.

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