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Hello, Agent 8 here! So here I am, writing Splatoon fan fiction...Well, at least its fun! I would like to thank Darkstar248 for inspiring me to even CREATE this account! Here are some of my likes & dislikes and favorite videogames AND my set for said videogames!

-Favorite videogames-

Splatoon 2 (Duh!) Arms Infamous Second Son Pokemon Ultra Moon

-Favorite combo's in said videogames-

For Splatoon 2, My favorite weapon has gotta be the Dark Tentra Dualies! For Arms, My favorite arms are the OG arms! For Infamous second Son, I like to go the Good Karma path paired up with video! (The invisibility is OP!) And my team for Pokemon Ultra Moon consists of...
  1. Mew (SHINY) Lv. 100 -- holds Mewnium Z -- Moves: Physic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, False swipe ;p
  2. Kyogre Lv. 96 -- Holds Blue Orb -- Moves: Ice beam, Origin Pulse, Thunderbolt, Hydro pump
  3. Mewtwo Lv. 98 -- Holds Mewtwonite X -- Moves: Physic, Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball, Recovery
  4. Necrozma (Lunala) Lv. 100 -- Holds Ultranecrozium Z -- Moves: Photon Geyser, Power Gam, Nightslash, Moongiest beam
  5. Necrozma (Solgaleo) Lv. 100 -- holds Solgalium Z -- Moves: Photon Geyser, Power Gem, NightSlash, Sunsteel Strike
  6. Silvally Lv. 100 -- Holds Poison Memory -- Moves: Tri Attack, Iron Head, Multi-Attack, Air Slash

And thats my team for Pokemon Ultra Moon! Now, more about ME!

First Name: Agent ;p

Last name: 8 ;p

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite song: Color Pulse ;p

Age: 8888888888888888888888 Years old ;p

Favorite food: Pineapple-Free Pizza from the future! ;p (But for real, Cheese pizza with SOME toppings, BUT NO PINEAPPLES!!!! for me at least :p)

Favorite Special: Booyah Bomb

Favorite Bomb: Splat bomb ;l

And Yeah! If there are anymore Questions about me and myself, just Pm me and I will add the answer to this page If I didn't already! See you later, and Stay Fresh Off The Hook!

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