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The name's Erinn and I'm a very busy college student majoring in legal management. It's probably law school after that.

I'm 18 and female with black hair and brown eyes. Typical Asian. As of now, I'm on hiatus from writing anything as I can't seem to find the energy to write fiction stories. Academic writing has sucked out all the energy from me.

It hasn't stopped me from reading a ton of fanfiction though. :)

I have a very very very awesome friend here on fanfcition and she's Arrow Millenium. :)

: People :

Thank you very much: Arrow Millenium :D

My Senpai and (net) mommy!- .idiot.princess.

My Kouhais- xXmizukazeXx, Shiori's Notebook, Arahi Sakura, -KateDominiqueXalice-

My other friends - fudge chocoholic, little doggy, mouzai, OTP, forchan, Night Alchemist, HunTResS ARasHi, FLAMETAL, silvergothicsweettooth, Angel who can't fly, SakuraTearDrop, prettyingreenkyz, Kurissyma san Tybalt, Skaey, Silver Blue Starshine, xxmitzixx, Dailenna, chinesecutie07, LHaZE-cHAn, noircoeurXIII, -KuroTenshi11-, Red's 21st, desert-storm-cloud, sliver sniper of night, silentwaterTwT and all my reviewers and readers.

I have a shared account with my mommy. Sadly, we're both busy that we aren't working on anything yet. i'm hoping that we can collaborate soon. -.-

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