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Helloes! Don't really know what to say... so, yeah... Helloes.

Oh, by the way, I happened to misplace one of my highly trained military Llamas over the weekend. If you happen to see him, let me know!

My Stories:

- Auri-El's Intervention - Ongoing.

- Mass Effect - Art of Pranking - Complete.

- Alyssa Potter: Ghoulish Intent - Hiatus.

The Stories known as 'Arpeggio Effect', 'Last Words of a Monster' and 'Overlord - Wyvern Queen' have all been taken down. 'Arpeggio Effect' and 'Wyvern Queen' were removed due to being dead with no interest on my part for resuming them. 'Last Words of a Monster' just didn't turn out how I wanted it and had little interest. I am sorry if you liked any of these three stories, but they are dead and will not be returning.

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