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You'll notice I have no stories posted here. That is not because none have been written, but because they are elsewhere. This profile is more for reading, reviewing and editing purposes.

I believe very strongly that proper spelling and grammar can make a piece of writing infinitely better. I think the thing that bothers me most is when authors instruct the reader to ignore these problems. Disregarding blatent and prevalent errors of such kind in a piece of writing is just as bad as an artist who can only draw stick figures - words are the medium through which you are trying to express your art, and if you can't use them effectively or correctly, you're just half-assing the job. The whole point of writing is that it is a means of communication. It's understandable to have errors here and there, but a piece that is rife with grammatical problems really doesn't sit well with me at all, especially if you're not willing to work to improve your writing.

My Biggest pet peeves:

Bear with me vs. bare with me. The latter is wrong! I wish people would stop instructing their readers to undress.

There vs. they're vs. their - 'nuff said.

Taut vs. taunt. For some reason, I've seen a lot more of this lately. The first word means tightly drawn, and the second, to tease.

Etc. vs. ect. I don't really know how the second one emerged, but I've been seeing it frequently enough to think that some people are under the misconception that it is correct. The word is etcetera, not ectetera.

Crappy story summaries. If you can't even write 3 sentences well, the rest of your story probably won't fare any better. This is the advertisement for your story and should therefore be treated as such.

The use of the words pools or orbs to describe someone's eyes, excessive amounts of profanity (unless it makes sense in the context), and the glorification of certain objectionable activities (ex: intoxication).

Weak attempts to deal with serious subjects like rape, abuse, depression, war, etc. Unless you or someone you know has had experience with such things I really think these are topics to avoid. The best writers write about what they know. A piece written in ignorance is clear to anyone who knows better. I think a certain amount of care and delicacy should be used in describing such situations.

POV's that constantly switch.

Not understanding how to write dialogue. Putting a couple of quotation marks around some words just doesn't cut it. For instance, '"there is a blue cat sitting on your porch" she said.' vs. '"There is a blue cat sitting on your porch," she said.' I know, lame sentence, but you get the picture.

Adjectives vs. adverbs. It seems that people today don't know the difference.

Excessive character descriptions. I really don't want to read two paragraphs about every physical feature your character may or may not possess. If you want to point out a feature, point it out. If you want the reader to know a lot about what the person looks like, space out the descriptions a bit instead of clumping it out all in one, giant summary.

I realize that this all makes me sound very egotistical. It wasn't meant to. I just have some strong opinions about such things. Feel free to point out any of my own grammatical/spelling errors and I will strive to correct them.

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