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I recently went over my favourite authors list so that now it contains the authors that can:

- write an entertaining story without regurgitating canon
- write a story that has a (preferably) original and entirely complete plotline
- not only manage to not mangle spelling and grammar, but also have an easy to read writing style and complete their stories
- and manage to stand out amongst other authors by maintaining the quality of their writing over multiple stories that I can recommend without reservation

So please take a look at my list and see for yourself just how awesome these people are!

I am not such a good writer, but I wanted to make a contribution to the Maximum Ride FanFic forum anyway.

This is what I thought of:
I want to make a user-friendly collection of some of the best Maximum Ride FanFics.
Firstly, I have to disclaim that none of the stories I am posting here are going to be mine. (probably...)
Also, I would like to point out that with any story I'm posting here I've gotten the author's permission to do so.
So, if you really like the story, follow the link to the forum that will be included with the disclaimer for each individual story and leave a post on the board. I'm sure the author will appreciate it. I sure would.

Unfortunately, the Maxride forum has been down for a very long time and there doesn't seem to be any chance of it coming back.

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