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Joined Sep '18

My name is Electro

Age. ?

I am from a little town called catoosa.

I have a small learning disabilities so give me time

I am a fan of transformers, power ranger, max steel, star wars and greek myth.

transformers prime: Son of the beast

what if onyx prime had a son, team prime will have to deal with the decepticons and the sons enemies from the son's past will it day catch up with him.

I was inspired by son of the stars by elehini prime what if onxy prime had a son

A transformers prime story

Transformers prime: team prime in a whole new world

when miko finds a cool book in jack backpack team in introduced to a whole new world where jack is a wizard and something else

A transformers prime and a harry potter crossover story

transformers prime: the protector and the dagger of vesuvius

when an ancient dagger has been stolen jack must find it and destroy it before it can used if he fails it will bring out the monster in all of us.

sequel to Transformers prime: team prime in a whole new world

transformers prime : son from another galaxy

What if primus had a son and he was force sensitive but had to be sent away to learn how to use the force and end up on mandalora so was raised by the mandalorians than become a jedi find out what happens

Transformers prime and a star wars crossover.

Transformers prime: the son of order and the nephew of chaos.

the son of primus has returned and is going to give the Empire a run for their money. i would like to know what you think I'll even take flames.

sequel to transformers prime : son from another galaxy.

Transformers primes the Prince of monsters

what if Raf, Jack and Miko more in common than what was in the show what if their parents were world knew just under a other name

A transformers prime and a Godzilla crossover with a firebreather spin.

son of snake eye's

when one of the kids uncle show up one day rivals jacks family secrets.

a transformers prime and G. I. JOE's

Jackson Dargo: Son of the count

3when a child is left on the door step of the Jedi temple, leaves a child on a new course to find out who he is.

star wars and transformers prime

I have a discord account electro# 9122 massage me if you have any ideas

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