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There isn't really a lot to say, but thought I should put something here.

I hadn't written anything since high school, but getting into this fan fiction site has inspired me to try again. I have a few one shots and have also finished a few multi-chapter fics for Supernatural, along with several other little items that currently aren't telling me where they want to go. So far, Supernatural is the only show I try to write for as it's the only show I care enough about to put forth that kind of effort.

Although I love Jared, I'm a Jensen girl and hubby knows this. Hubby usually enjoys the show, as well, and is very supportive of my writing. My daughter, Annette, has beta'ed for me and has some really terrific ideas. Love ya, Sweetie!

I won't ever kill off either of the brothers, nor will I write wincest or any kind of slash. I love these boys like my own sons and could never do that to them.

Thanks to all who read my efforts and special thanks to those that have reviewed. You guys rock! Hope you also enjoy my next efforts as they finally get posted. Right now, I'm having too much fun reading other author's amazing stories!

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