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Wold Airshow, France.

Commander, we got a major problem.

Several planes have vanished during the night, and there were no flights or any kind of other transports in the area.

Say again!!!

Several plane…..


No idea.

Which ones?

SU-37A, SU-37B, FA-18E/F, F-22, F-35, B-2, SR-71, AN-124, AN-225, C-5 and those three Concorde’s from the museum.

And the Super Airbus?

It’s missing most of it’s wings.

At least its mostly still there….



Yes, got the same thing.

Ok, thanks.


Great, and if it couldn’t get any worse….

You probably wondering what that was about, private?

Seems who ever did it, did it too at the nearby army base.

Well, carry o….



……… WHAT????

You joking, right?

The Charles got eaten???


That was the general again, seems our aircraft carrier Charles du Goal got eaten by some creature.

This creature seems to be a cross between a cat and a rabbit.

I know, it sounds stupid!!!

Yet that is what everybody there say’s that they saw, and they even got camera shots of it!!!

Get Out!!

Naruto Challenge

Naruto is hiding who he really is, thanks to trying to hid from a few mops, he tried hiding in both the Senju as the Namikaze compounds with great succes.

Bloodseals you got to love them, or hate them.

The water-jutsu-scroll of the Second Hokage, which was stolen togeter with the sword, happens to be a Naruto fake, glued-shut fake-scroll to be precies.

Miko Senju is his mother her great-grandmother, making her his great-great-grandmother, with all the woody potential.

Kyuubi can only be sealed away in a new-born, Miko had just given bird to a child that day Madara attacked with the Kyuubi, suspecting he might try and get it back, giving the child up to her parents clan for raising.

And now Naruto is learning from both clans their libriaries, what will hold his intrest most.

But in the end of the day, he knows not to show his new knowledge, afraid it might mean more mops after him for his live, then the Team-7 rollercoaster starts.

Now what, is Naruto´s biggest quistion at the moment.

There you have it, the basic setting, Naruto might be more dangerous then known, but he´s trying to remain unnoticed, comparing both clans their reports bears out some strange things in Konoha during the Thirds rule.

And Naruto likes to keep a certain edge to fall back on, if needed, so doesn´t like to show his true skill.

Which is part of his pranking war against the villages, you can only kill then one time, but...

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