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I'm Borg but don't have enough time to write anything, so you won't see much from me :(. Not to mention my Internet facilities are not always enabled. So, there you have it. :)

Update: 1-26-08

I'm currently attempting to make sense of my story attempt from years ago, so, if anyone's actually watching, it may get changed soon:)

Update: 11-17-08

Okay, so I haven't been diligent in my story repairs, sorry for the one person who fav'd it :(
However, I am offering the use of my computer remotely to anyone whose computer is giving them a hard time or is otherwise unable to do so on their own.
Access will be relatively unlimited, and I am offering the use of Microsoft Word ('03 and '07), a novel-writing-helper program call yWriter, and a browser to use Fanfiction.net.
For more details, please PM me and we can work something out! :) The computer I will be using for this is generally on 24/7 and is pretty fast for what I am purposing it for. A few ground rules will be in place, such as Don't delete other people's files, Don't download Pron or Viruses etc., but otherwise I'm pretty open to whatever people would need a computer for. Please Note: You will need a computer of some sort that has access to the Internet! I can't ship it to you :) Internet Cafes and libraries will work fine (usually) but if you have your own connection it's that much better!

Programs that I have that are not related to story making (and are available on my computer for use) are Autodesk 3ds Max 2008, the rest of the Office '03 and '07 programs, Anime Studio Pro 5.5, Firefox, Photoshop, and a few others that I can't think of right now.

Update: 1-21-09

Okay, I'm on my mission now, so don't expect anything :( At least for a while.

Update: 10-31-12

Oh gosh, been a while since I updated my profile hasn't it? College is the main killer now, but I am open for Beta reading if anyone wants help at the moment, just PM me! :)

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