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Carlee Davis PM
Joined Aug '06

My Pen Name is Carlee Davis

I'm 21

I Love Big Time Rush with a passion

PM me!

And I started watching Charmed when I was 8. Even though the show has ended I feel it's important to celebrate it with FanFictions.

I am currently working on a Charmed Fanfiction, it is taking me a long time to write though but I do have intentions of finishing it even if it takes years. :) I add a lot of detail and sometimes I tend to be a perfectionist.

I'm been watching Big Time Rush from the beginning and I'm a True Hearted Rusher.:) I have been working on a FanFiction for the past four years.

I have to have OCs. I don't know why but its because I often don't like the girl they end up with.

I usually Read Chris/OC in Charmed. I have recently spread my horizons to all of Big Time Rush/OC , however I am very picky

I Love love triangles there always entertaining to read.

I love writing about Charmed ,Big Time Rush, and the very rare Home Improvement (For Randy).

Story Progress

Charmed: Changing Seasons Changes All: In Hiatus (on FanFiction) Work In Progress on Word

For I Have lived a lifetime long, But I have died a Life lived short. It's my fault the world was a living hell.I had to go back to help Chris.I had to Stop HIM. Did I mention I'm Wyatt's Fiancée? Wyatt/OC/Chris Unchanged Future. A Re-Write of S6.

Charmed: My Life Miscarried: Idea in Development

(No Official Summary) The Prequel to Changing Seasons Changes All. Follow the Chronicles that lead up to the Events that take place in Changing Seasons Changes All. Someone once said that death isn't the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live. And we tell ourselves it's all gonna be ok. But it's not ok. There's no magic in the world. At Least Not Anymore!

Big Time Rush: Untitled Story: Work in Progress and Total Reconstruction (as facts from the show are added)

When things change, we often leave behind a part of ourselves . Serenity was the guys best friend in Minnesota until a tragic hockey accident cost her three years of her life in a coma. Now she's coming along for the ride through the singing , dancing,and stardom, trying to adjust to her new life in LA, being placed back into Carlos , Kendall, James and Logan's lives . Even though they seem astonished to see her, they don't excatly welcome her with open arms. Can Serenity adjust to her new life? Will she ever find her place? Can the boys handle what has happened to their friend and everything else going on?

I am Currently writing: Chapter 3 of Changing Seasons Changes All

(Untitled) Big Time Rush Story

An Original Story

My favorite couples



(I don't know why, I guess Bianca hurt Chris badly and that killed me inside even if she didn't mean it.)

Leo /Piper


Big Time Rush





Camille/Logan (Sometimes)

Least favorite characters :

Charmed: Henry Jr. in the Comic Books. He's mortal. That's just a stupid idea.

Big Time Rush: Jo Taylor

Charmed: Christy

ø„"ºø„„øº" „øº"
"ºø„ Big Time Rush „øº"
„øº" ROCKS!! "ºø„
„øº"„øº""º ø„"ºø


To the group of pop,

I pledge that my love will never stop.

They make me laugh, they make me cry,

They are heroes, and there's a million and one reasons why.

I love how cute and dedicated they are,

It's 100% true they are pop stars.

They make my heart melt when they sing,

And also when they strum those guitar strings.

I just want to say Kendall, Carlos, Logan, and James.

I really love you and how you play games.

So I pledge this to BTR, I will be a true fan for these four stars!!!

If Big Time Rush ruled the world:

There would be no sickness (thanks to James).

There would be Free Cinnamon Roll Wednesdays (thanks to Kendall).

There would be a dance party every day at 1 (thanks to Logan).

Everyone would have nap time for at least an hour every single day (thanks to Carlos).

Kendall is my Slapshot
Logan is my Surgeon
Carlos is my El Hombre Del Flaming Space Rock Man
James is my Bandanna Man

I'm James Maslow. I can make your girlfriend scream louder than you can in bed just by clicking her 'follow' button on Twitter. My fans are called Maslovers.

I'm Logan Henderson. I play the nerd on our TV show, but really, I give Big Time Rush its dose of swag. My fans are called Henderwhores.

I'm Kendall Schmidt. You might not know this, but I'm secretly Spiderman. Ask anyone. My fans are called Schmidtsters.

I'm Carlos Pena Jr. I'm the neat freak and the baby-face of the band. I have the best voice and the best dance moves. My fans are considered part of the Pena Nation.

Favorite Quotes

" 'Who's better looking than you?' 'No one!' 'Who's got more style than you?' 'No one!' 'Who's smarter than you?' 'Well, lot's of people but that has nothing to do with being a model."James Diamond.

"Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime."Kendall Knight and James Diamond

"With your hands, and your hair, and that rat-dog thing." Carlos Garcia

You Know You're a Big Time Rush Fan if...

You can't see the word elevate without thinking of the album

You love hockey... and hate figure skaters

You've researched New Zealand

You have dreams of being a spy

You know the real names of almost the entire cast

You're afraid of the “Friend Zone”

You say “CAAAAWWWWW” Frequently

You want a heart shaped pizza

You want to have a social gathering instead of a party

You know what kind of cat Gustavo has

You've made a list of things to do before you're 20

Your favorite hockey team is the Minnesota Wild

Your theme song is "Big Time Rush"

You have posters of the guys in your room

You rattle off random BTR facts when you have nothing else to say

Go BIG or go home. The TIME it takes doesn't matter. It's the RUSH of the experience that counts.

In Memory of Georgie Jones

I see the story of my sisters life...the people, the instance, that shaped Georgie into the incredible person she was...And I'm speaking for Georgie when I say you made her feel special everyday...You were so confident in her it was hard for her not to be confident in herself...You were the greatest gift in Georgie's Life...Once she met you she never felt alone because she knew you were there for her whenever she needed day or night...Think of the person Georgie was...smart, compassionate ,loving that didn't just happen she was a reflection of the best of you Uncle Mac... I'm deviastated over your lost...Georgie was my dearest friend...And I'll miss her everyday...Tons of people told me how she knew all of their names, your daughter touched a lot of lives,just because of who she was...Because you showed my sister true romantic love and that is something that we all hope for but some of us can never find and Georgie held you in her heart until the that she died...She could count on you, you were always there to talk to her , laugh with her, or just give her really good advice, You graced her life...You can not control what's random... RIP Georgie Jones

In Memory of Emily Quatermaine

Emily told me so many times she was the luckiest woman in the world to have your love...For Emily it was love at first sight...But when she fell for Nickolas she was just a guacky kid and he was your typical clueless male...Nickolas had no idea what they would come to mean to each other,but Emily always knew...It started out as a crush on a fairytale Prince and she ended up with a partner,a soul mate,a love of her life...It's just not fair...Fairytales end with happily ever after because their not real lifes more complicated, besides we were never fairytale material...I have thought about this from every angle and I have decided it was best to let Zander go.Don't you think he's gonna wanna fight you on that?Not if you pretend to be in love with me...I'm free to love you with my whole heart.I'm gonna love you the same way with my whole heart...how could I ever love again ...a love so strong, a memory he can't erase,their final goodbye...RIP Emily Quatermaine

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