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Warning: The reason why I have taken all my things off is becuase fanfiction now sucks! The rules have stopped me from writing freely, I would have to censor what I did put on here, and anything "naughty" of mine and my friends are going to be ripped off the site. I do not appreciate the fact that the people who run this have done what they have and in doing so have lost one of thier more better writers, including many of my friends. But do they care, no, not at all while they can protect the little children who venture onto the net and their parents don't want them seeing anything bad.
If that's the case, which I suspect it is, then those parents shouldn't let their kids watch tv, listen to music, read most books, talk on the phone, or interact with friends much less let them on the internet! if you disagree with me, which I assume many of you will, feel free to e-mail me with your opinions.

I will be later posting a address at where my things can be found at a different website.

Annie AKA Raisa Sharpclaws, Lady Blackdart, and Mistress of Misty Souls.

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