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I am a 28 year old woman who like to both read and write fanfiction.

I have a hugh imagination and this is a way to get some of my ideas out of my head :)

If people have any questions, just PM me and ask :) I don't bite.

And I want to say sorry for any bad spelling or grammar. Some of my earlier fic's are bad, I just have not had time to fix them, but maybe in the future, when I am an adult with a boring job and actually have time to do something about it :) Sorry if some people will hate me for it, but ... Well then really my advice for you is don't read them. Or maybe I will leave them and have a good laugh if I ever go back to read them :D

Here is a text that was written by me when I started to learn english, maybe it can give people a understanding that learning any language that is not your mother tongue can be very difficult:

"Dear Maggi

Hello im a teacher in Halliway school now. Theas kids was horrible wen i started. A boy with name Emilio sad that he could eat my. He's dead now. He gat shot. Hear is the story abaut Emilio: His girld friends x-boy friend gat aut of yale. He gat so pist on Emilio dat he shot him. He could be alive now if he had nock on the headmasters door. Wen he didnt nock he gat sent away an the boy friend shot hem wen hi kame out. They faund the boddy bihaind the school. When I gat the mesege I wont to quit but the pupils stoped me. Now I think this is a very good place to work. I am loving my new jobb.

How are you?

From your loving friend Lou-Ann."

So really hope people can be a bit more understanding of my difficulties, as well as others when writing in another language.

My stories so far, I have witten:

Harry Potter story: Unexpected Happenings (In progress)

Charmed and Darren Shan corssover "Darren Shan and Magic (complete)

Harry Potter and Darren Shan corssover "An uninvited guest" (complete)

A Darren Shan lovestory "Darren Shan love story" (complete)

Sequel to "Darren Shan love story" :"A different life" (complete)

Sequel to "A different life": "A New Adventure" (complete)

Another Darren Shan lovestory "Yet another Darren Shan love story" (complete).

Buffy and Darren Shan corssover "New in Town" (complete)

Harry Potter story: "Professor Potter DaDa teacher" (Complete)

I want to say that I will always finish my stories. Even if it will take a very long time to do so. Which it does, people who do follow my stories will know that I can take a loooooong time to update. Life and all, really the only explenation.

Will I post more stories in the furute, most likely. I love fanfiction, and somethimes when I don't find the one I am looking for I will sit down and write it myself :D

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