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Hello, I'm Pieling. I am in no way new to fanfiction.net, but I haven't created an account until now, a few years after getting hopelessly addicted to this site. I spend most of my time reading rather than writing, since I always seem to have a terrible case of writer's block and can never finish anything (although, if I ever in fact do finish a fic, I will be sure to post it). I have read hundreds of fics, and my internet explorer favorites list is becoming increasingly cluttered with 225 Harry Potter fanfic links, 58 Danny Phantom fic links, 18 House fic links, 23 Fullmetal Alchemist fic links, and numerous other random ones. (And by the time you've read this, the numbers have surely grown.) I figured creating an account and keeping my list on it would be more efficient, and I can now also share my favorite fics with other authors.

Here's a few things about me, if anyone really cares. Some authors of the Danny Phantom section may recognize my penname since I have frequently anonymously reviewed fics using the alias "Pieling." My penname is my latest nickname derived from my first internet alias, "Pyrokitty2008." That name was quickly shortened by my friends into "Pyro," then to "Pie," then finally to "Pieling." I'm also commonly affectionately called Baka (which was once shortened to "Bak" for reasons I have yet to determine, but I blame sleep deprivation), PiePie, and sometimes Phantom Child.

A few more things about me: I am a 17 year old blonde female who enjoys reading and drawing. My recent fandoms include Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Danny Phantom, and House. But I also enjoy Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Lord of the Rings, Teen Titans, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Death Note, Star Wars, and a few others. I could be considered something of a grammar nazi, but I blame that on my crazy english teachers (and my brief stint as a Writing Center tutor) and all the Latin grammar that's been drilled into my head (as an AP Latin student, I now know more about grammar than I ever wanted to learn). And spending on average about two hours every day reading (and more on weekends) probably helped, too. I feel that I am fully qualified to critique the grammar and spelling of another author's fanfiction, and I hope that others can respect my firm grasp of the English language and understand that I only wish to help by giving constructive criticism.

And now I will cease my ramblings and express my true admiration for anyone who even bothered to read this whole thing through. I applaud your exceptional endurance and tentatively question your sanity.


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