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Here are a few details about myself:

Age: take a guess Hint: I am over 18

Location: would you like to know.

Looks: I wish it was Beyonce but it's not.

Hobbies: reading fanfiction, hanging out with friends, listening to music, traveling to unknown places, giving out my opinion on anything that interest me.

Favorites: Harry Potter (books and movies) Gilmore Girls, Stargate(all of them) just got into watching Doctor Who and Blue Bloods. Love most Sci-fi movies. Movies: Star Wars, Ever After, Mission Impossible 2, Love Actually, Madea's Family Reunion, and many many more.


Harry Potter

Harry and Hermione

Harry and Susan Bones

Hermione and a very well written Draco Malfoy

Harry and anyone except Ginny and Cho

Gilmore Girls

Rory and Logan

Rory and Tristan

Lorelai and Christopher

I like to read fanfiction but I can't write it. I just don't have the patience to sit down and write something good. because if I'm going to write something it will be good in my opinion. I don't like fic's that just throw something together and barely makes sense. So until I can write something that I can be proud of no fics from me.

I am a big Harry Potter fan. Love the first four books. Not really going to comment on the last two. Withholding opinion on last book.

I am also addicted to Gilmore girls. The fifth season was the best.

Now a few of my pet peeves about fanfiction:

1. authors who demand reviews before they post another chapter. I understand that you want feedback for whatever reason, but you will lose me if you demand it. Sometimes I read a chapter and I have nothing to say, or it was not enough there to warrant a feedback. I mean if you only have one chapter posted, what can I say, I need to get into a story before I can review it. Or sometimes the chapter is a filler and so I wait until something really happens then I can write a better review.

2. Authors who don't put warning on their stories. I am not a fan of slash. Nothing against it personally, but it not my thing. I hate to start to read a story get halfway through it then find out they took it there. Now they ruin the story for me. I will say that I have prefences when it comes to ships. There are certain characters that I don't want to read about, so it would be nice to tell a person who this story is about before hand.

3. Too many author notes. I get all excited for a new chapter, and it turns out it's an author's note. I understand sometimes you put one up to annouce something, but don't put one up there telling us nothing of importance.

4.Authors who practically abandon stories. I have read a few stories then find out they have not updated in two or three years. I mean if you are going to stop a story for awhile let a person know so that we readers aren't waiting forever for something that is not going to come. Also writers who start a story and then abandon it and start on a new one. Then write a few chapter of that one and then start a new one. All the while, the one that I was reading will never get updated. Big pet peeve of mine.

That's enough venting for awhile about authors. Even with all my peeves I really do appricate the authors who do write.

I will never flame an author. Since I don't write, I really should not critize. If I don't like your story then I just stop reading it. I will give an honest opinion but I will not be hostile or rude. I know authors put in a lot of time into their work and I will not tear them down because I don't like it. Just because I don't like that doesn't mean someone else will. But that doesn't mean I will take it when an author gets ugly with me because they don't like what I have to say.

Here are a few things that I like:

My favorite Harry Potter fics are Harry and Hermione. He needs her and she needs him. two halves of a whole. She is the only one who truly supported him during GOF not even little Ginny was helping him. But Hermione stood by him. If he would get his head out of his butt every now and then and actully listen to her then he would not have so many problems. She need him because deep down he respects her for who she truly is, bookworm or not.

I have also become interested in Harry and Susan Bones or Harry and anybody but Ginny and Cho. I like to see Harry with different characters, because he needs more than just his usual group.

Now recently I have started reading independent or dark Harry fics. I am becoming addicted to them. I love Harry being betrayed and then him rising above all of them. When I read the books I became mad at Dumbledore. A lot of stuff happen to Harry because Dumbledore witheld information from Harry. Also it seems Dumbledore can't make a decent desicion when it comes to Harry's well-being, which makes me think he had ulterior motives when it comes to Harry.

Now what I don't like:

I can't stand Harry and Ginny fics and Ron and Hermione fics. They don't make sense to me. Ron and Hermione fight all the time and have nothing in common and Harry and Ginny that just came out of nowhere. I personally think she's into The boy who lived and not Harry. She has been obsessed with him since before she met him and now he has never really paid any attention to her until HBP. Ron I don't like because he can be a fairwether friend sometimes. In almost every book Ron was either getting into it with Harry or Hermione. He started most fights, he has insulted both of them on numerous occasions, and has abandon them. Now I have gotten into with my friends, but I have never acted as bad as Ron has toward his two best friends. In the third book, even though it was Harry's broomstick Ron was doing most of the yelling and was the main one shutting Hermione out. I think if he would have kept his big nose out of it, Harry and Hermione could have settled their differences a long time ago. I didn't like in the fourth book when he didn't believe Harry about putting his name in the goblet. But then he apoligsed to Harry after the first task when everone was cheering Harry for his performace. Looks to me he wanted to be friends again when Harry was popular. Also, what should have been a wonderful for Hermione ended badly and her in tears because Ron had to shoot off at the mouth. Yelling at her, when she did nothing wrong. All because he was jealous that she went with Vitor Krum. Let's not forget he did abandon Harry and Hermmione in book 7, I don't care if he came back, he still left in the first place. He is just not that reliable. But hey that is just my opinion.

My other gulity pleasure is Gilmore Girls. Love that show. Favorite couple Rory and Logan. Didn't like Jess or Dean. Dean was possessive and Jess was a jerk. Even with his faults, Logan was still a better match for her than thhose two. If Tristen had still been on there I would have loved to see something happen between them. He could have bought out a somewhat wilder side of her. I know that I am in the minority in this but I love Lorelei and Christopher together. I know it won't happen, but hey that's what fanfiction is for.

I have recently starting watching Blue Bloods. Love Jamie, but I think I'm the only one who doesn't like him with Janko. I'm not a fan of hers. Don't know why, just don't.

Maybe one day I will write one of my own but it will be awhile before that happens. So I will be content to reading others and sending the ocassional review.

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