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Hello there. on the web, I go by nickname since I treasure my privacy.

I am just a man who happens to dig into pieces of pop culture. Also, I am an engineer and not the inventive type, unfortunately.

After reading a lot of great works, I decided to try to put together something as well. English is not my first language though so I am at the process to raise my language skills since education only gets me to upper intermediate level. My goal requires more than that, so I am getting that extra education currently.

I have one simple rule; adult characters should behave as close to real adults as possible teens as close as real teens et cetera. but I am going to respect established traits best to my ability unless there is a major conflict with my story goals.

Each question about me and my works can be asked via discord(Arbiter99#2934), the same with suggestions.

Tremaine legacy(Descendants 2015/ cinderella 2015): completed

The diary of Paige Swanson volume one(the bigbangverse): drafting stage.

Due to unsolvable format problems, the "Tremaine legacy" project will be published solely on ao3 with more refinements author name: Arbiter2991

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