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Aiko Isari
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"I want to improve!"

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Main Updates

  • the colors of your light (Weekly)
  • our bones, underfoot (Weekly)
  • badlands (Weekly)
  • Cursed and Infinite (infrequent)
  • a queen's plague (monthly)
  • Seven to One (weekly)
  • Currently Backlogging

  • Without a Familiar: 10/40~
  • carrier: 2/99
  • crowning of the queen: 1/?
  • A Stone's Throw: 1/?
  • Voices in the Void: 3/?
  • marches of blood and fire: 4/?
  • loved by shooting stars: 2/59
  • Revising: Ours (Progress 11/24), the colors of your light (Progress: 6/13)

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  • Currently Cowriting With: reminiscent-afterthought, Onixflame the Blue
  • Mod of Challenge Zone
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    I take fanfic commissions! See the page on my site for more details!

    Beta Reader/Beta Reading

    Beta Reading For Zero Slash One



    Hi, everybody!

    It's late I'm just here to say, look I'm alive and writing a lot! And none of you can stop me. The rest of my year is all planned out along with next year so we'll see how long that lasts. Thanks for supporting me everyone!



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