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"I'm going to go home."

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Main Updates

  • Finding Heaven (Weekly)
  • This Sky With No Lights (Weekly)
  • disordance in symmetry/sweet rains (Weekly)
  • Cursed and Infinite (infrequent)
  • licked by flames (infrequent)
  • Enduring (fortnightly starting in August)
  • Blues Notes (biweekly starting in April)
  • dewdrops in moonlight (biweekly starting in April)
  • Dance of the Red Mage (biweekly starting in April)
  • In the Heavens (biweekly starting in April)
  • Seven to One (weekly starting in June)
  • Currently Backlogging

  • Without a Familiar: 10/40~
  • carrier: 2/99
  • Crowning of the Queen: 1/?
  • A Stone's Throw: 1/?
  • Pendulum's Cycle: 1/100 (3)
  • an accursed series of nights and days: 1/59 (6)
  • the golden sun: 1/32 (9-10)
  • Yin and Yang: 1/30 (5)
  • Dream of Memoriam: 1/? (5)
  • Tartaros: 1/36 (2)
  • Someone Broke the Stars: 1/49 (7)
  • voices in the gloom: 1/? (5)
  • Revising: Ours (Progress 10/24), the colors of your light (Progress: 5/13)

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  • Currently Cowriting With: reminiscent-afterthought, Onixflame the Blue
  • Mod of Digimon Fanfiction Challenges
  • Owner of Challenges of Magic, Madoka Magica Challenges
  • You can also find me on tumblr and ao3 with the same username.

    I do not accept roleplay requests or cowrite requests

    I take fanfic commissions! See the page on my site for more details!

    Beta Reader/Beta Reading

    Beta Reading For Zero Slash One, The Light's Refrain

    Beta Reader: Zero Slash One (Second Chance)

    Not Accepting Beta Reader Requests.

    All new beta clients: if at all possible, please leave one review per chapter/oneshot you have me beta.



    Hi, everybody!

    We're alive! Busy as heck but alive. Pray for me guys, I might get full-time hours. I hope. Pray for me anyway, I need a better computer. And glasses. We're getting all set for camp nano over here. In the meantime, I'm still taking commissions! PM me for more details!

    Anyway, rather boring month. I'm off!



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