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Hey guys, I was previously known as xXbeautifullyshatteredXx but I decided that was too 13 year old me, so now I am sakurajou which means queen Sakura. As in Sakura Haruno. Because she's my bae.

A little about me

- Alissa

- 20 years old

- May 20

- university junior


Naruto, SNK/AOT, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Ao Haru Ride, Taiyou No Ie, Hirunaka No Ryyusei

I ship a lot of things but you'll only be seeing NaruSaku from me because it's my one true otp and it's the only ship I really know how to write. I hope to be able to write MakoHaru and JeanMarco in the future, though.

I have a tumblr,

I haven't properly written anything in at the very least two years, and I'm reteaching myself what I already knew. It's just going to take some practice. Writing is an old hobby and passion of mine I'm slowly starting to rediscover.

I hope you enjoy my old works, as well as my new ones to come!

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