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I am really new to the fanfiction scene.

Funny story: I was so upset about how far "Anne with an E" strayed from canon, a friend of mine had to intervene to calm me down. This was highly unusual for me, and pointed out just how much I loved Anne of Green Gables and everything it had meant to me in my younger years. This good friend suggested I think of AwaE as 'fanfiction' and perhaps I should try my hand at some fanfiction myself? See if I really did understand the characters as much as I claimed.

After rereading the series in a week, I went back to AwaE and discovered a new appreciation for it. It's not my favourite by far but I do appreciate it better and I think the final episode of Season 2 was redeeming. In fact, it was enough to motivate me to try my own.

I started off stalking FanFiction and Archive of Our Own, finding some amazing writing amongst the Anne of Green Gables community. I have finally taken the plunge and started a story on each; for FanFiction, my first work is 'In Dusk's Hidden Veil' (set after Anne rejects Roy's proposal). On Archive, I am writing 'Anne of Carmody' (an alternative to Anne of Avonlea, where Anne ends up teaching at Carmody).

I come from a legal research background with a strong passion for a lot of geeky and nerdy stuff. I had dreamed of being a writer when I was a young child but I was told my style was too casual and lazy; I should focus on a profession that would actually pay the bills. I'm now almost 40 and thanks to fanfiction and VERY supportive husband and children, I am now learning to write fiction. And really enjoying it.

Big thanks to the amazing community here. I value all constructive criticism, both positive and negative. If there is anything I have learned from the feedback here it is that the majority of people are supportive, encouraging, and insightful. Every time one of you takes the time to provide feedback to me, I am touched by everything you have to give.

Thank you!

BTW: I'm an Aussie who tends to write at night from 9pm to midnight. Most of my updates are after 3-days of picking it apart and then submitting at stupid o'clock. I should know better by now but y'all have given me this addiction. :P

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