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My Stories:

Naruto Uzumaki: Shinobi of the World- A discontinued story about Naruto traveling the world in his childhood, training in various villages. I know now I will not complete the story, and that it was... below average. Still, I'll remember it for being the first fic I ever wrote, even if I deleted the first version, which was even worse.

Konoha no Shuiro Senko/Konoha's Scarlet Flash- My take on the classic 'Naruto on a different Team' scenario. Team Gai is the place for Naruto to thrive and become a genius of hard work. NaruTen. Discontinued for lack of inspiration. Turns out I hate Tenten.

Second Coming- An attempt at a Digimon epic. Being the only ones to survive, TK and Takato travel back in time after a war with Daemon. There is a 'believable' plot with the crossover (as far as Digimon goes). TK and Patamon are my favorite Digidestined and Partner Digimon of all time so I guess they could qualify as the 'main' characters. In my humble opinion, they have given some of the most significant contributions to the battle against evil (Not that I play favorites).


Digiegg of Darkness

I've put this story on hold for now. I will continue it at a later date, and eventually complete it.

Chapter 12: 5,000/10,000 words.

Konoha no Senkou Arashi/Flash Tempest of the Leaf Village- Fem!Naruto story. NaruSasu. I was inspired to write this when I was watching Shippuden filler, oddly enough. It struck something within me, along with other Fem!Naruto stories. I was also inspired by my dissatisfaction with the portrayal of kunoichi in the series. But what inspired me most, it's this picture: Naruko

TV Tropes Page (created by The King In White, edited largely by me).

Chapter 13: 13,130 words, In Beta

Update: My computer was infected and I was unable to even log into it. The problem has yet to be resolved, so I cannot continue working on the story. I apologize, because I was really eager to publish unlucky thirteen.

Chapter 14: 1,000/10,000

Rekindling- Zuko travels back in time to his childhood after the Ba Sing Se encounter with the Avatar. More of a side project, as the chapters are so short, but I really like this one.

Things To Know About My Writing:

I am slow at typing, and have some free time. My greatest strengths as a writer are my unique storylines and in depth plots. My execution is somewhat sloppy though. I'm not a great writer...but I'm pretty good for fanfiction. My fight-scenes have been described "the best", "awesome", and "epic".

Recently my writing has improved dramatically. With the help of my beta, Psalm of Fire, Ive learned things I never would have considered otherwise. Avoiding passive sentences. Showing, not telling. Things like that. Overall I was a 3/5 before, now I would say I'm a 4/5. I'm happy to know I can still improve.

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