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-yawns- Wow...that was a very...longish break I took there. Mmm, well to be completly honest I never imagined myself returning to FF. What with school stress and...well life there was little time in between to enjoy one of the things I've been deprieving myself of all this time. Sooo I guess I'm back! Along with long breaks comes long periods of time to contemplate/scheme new plots. I'll likely not be continuing any stories; I'll be beginning new ones instead.

xXxSideNotexXx "I've decided to take down works that I know I'm not going to ever work on again (or maybe I'm just too embarrassed to know that I wrote them). If I ever (though there is very slim chance) have an itch to continue these I guess I'll post them up again...but til then may the dead fics R.I.P. Yes, I am completly sane. There must be some sort/form of a fanfic heaven up there. Where do you think all the dead Mary-Sue fics go?

"Stuff like this is making its first debut

and this is dedicated to you..." -Sir Dorkalot (my one and only luff)

Song of the Week: If You're Not the One by Daniel Bedington

Our Song: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

Read keaira19's fics now. Yes, I mean now.

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