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Hello this is Angel19872006 here.

I've been on this site for a while and I've been having both good commits and bad commits on my stories. Yes I did have a few stories up here but I would like to let all my readers and future readers know that my stories will be back up soon.

I would like to let those who've been with me along the way for even my future readers know that I have dyslexia. Here is a little info I picked up of the net

There are several types of dyslexia that can affect the child's ability to spell as well as read.

"Trauma dyslexia" usually occurs after some form of brain trauma or injury to the area of the brain that controls reading and writing. It is rarely seen in today's school-age population.

A second type of dyslexia is referred to as "primary dyslexia." This type of dyslexia is a dysfunction of, rather than damage to, the left side of the brain (cerebral cortex) and does not change with age. Individuals with this type are rarely able to read above a fourth-grade level and may struggle with reading, spelling, and writing as adults. Primary dyslexia is passed in family lines through their genes (hereditary). It is found more often in boys than in girls.

A third type of dyslexia is referred to as "secondary" or "developmental dyslexia" and is felt to be caused by hormonal development during the early stages of fetal development. Developmental dyslexia diminishes as the child matures. It is also more common in boys.

Dyslexia may affect several different functions. Visual dyslexia is characterized by number and letter reversals and the inability to write symbols in the correct sequence. Auditory dyslexia involves difficulty with sounds of letters or groups of letters. The sounds are perceived as jumbled or not heard correctly. "Dysgraphia" refers to the child's difficulty holding and controlling a pencil so that the correct markings can be made on the paper.

Even though I'm female I'm "primary dyslexic" and you will probably come across a lot of errors, please forgive me for them.

My roommate said that she would help with the editing and I'm not very patient when it comes to writing everything else I am so that's why I've been posting my stories before anyone could edit them. I did have a hand full of beta readers but sadly almost all of them ran away after reading one chapter. I did have high hopes for one but she kinda made me upset. She would send me chapters that she fixed and told me that I could post them and so me the dumb person I was I did and my new beta after that woman I had another one. This person was kind and understood where I was coming from and she did a lot of work and I loved what help she did do (I read them) and she became upset with me because I was adding them to my story (I didn't realize that those where just trial chapter not the real ones)

So that's how I ran off my best beta reader (I'm sorry you where the best) I wish she could come back *Cries*

Any way back to my stories.

I plan to write every story (50 years worth) with Rose being there with the Doctor. She was my favorite companion to this day, and I thought she made the Doctor better. With the older stories I plan to write the multiply episodes as different stories.

For example "Galaxy 4" has four episodes in it so I'm hunted around for the scripts for it (I have the book). So both the book and scripts will help me when I come around to that story.

I found a website that has all the Doctors and there adventures in the order that they happened and the list also gives flashbacks that the other Doctors have. For example 7th Doctor has a hand full of flash backs in his story "The Lungbarrow" of his childhood and adult hood that happened before we met him as the Doctor in the episode "The unearthly Child".

Which gave me another Idea. Why not put all those flashbacks he has of his past as stories too. So I'm doing my homework of what I can find about his early years so I can come up with the right story to start the whole 50 years etc series.

So by now I have 50 years worth of stories plus how many worth of stories for his flashbacks so below is a list that I've some up with thanks to /drwho/wh/list.html

some have numbers and some have -- next to them. The ones with -- are his flash back from another Doctor (2nd - 11th)

-- Lungbarrow.
-- Lungbarrow.
-- Timewyrm: Revelation.
-- Lungbarrow.
-- Divided Loyalties.
-- Harvest of Time.
1. Dr Who and the Daleks
-- Flashback.
-- Nightshade.
-- Cold Fusion
-- Lungbarrow
-- The Longest Story in the World.
-- Time & Time Again
-- The Name of the Doctor.
2. The Exiles
3. Frayed
4. The Five O'Clock Shadow
5. The Sons of the Crab
6. The Lost Ones
7. The Monsters from Earth
8. Childhood Living
9. The Message of Mystery
10. Seven to One
11. A Big Hand for the Doctor
12. Indian Summer
-- All-Consuming Fire.
-- Categorical Imperative.
13. The Alchemists
14. Urrozdinee
-- Life from Lifelessness.
15. The Price of Conviction
16. Bide-a-Wee
17. The Gift
18. Quinnis
-- The Little Things.
-- The Rag & Bone Man's Story
19. Time and Relative
20. The Juror's Story
21. Operation Proteus
-- Ash.
22. Losing the Audience
23. Hunters of Earth
24. Echoes of Future Past
-- Time & Time Again.
25. An Unearthly Child
26. The Cave of Skulls
27. The Forest of Fear
28. The Firemaker
29. The Dead Planet
30. The Survivors
31. The Escape
32. The Ambush
33. The Expedition
34. The Ordeal
35. The Rescue
36. The Edge of Destruction
37. The Brink of Disaster
38. The Roof of the World - Marco Polo
39. The Singing Sands - Marco Polo
40. Five Hundred Eyes - Marco Polo
41. The Wall of Lies - Marco Polo
42. Rider from Shang-Tu - Marco Polo
43. Mighty Kublai Khan - Marco Polo
44. Assassin at Peking - Marco Polo
45. The Sorceror's Apprentice
-- The Forgotten.
46. Who Discovered America?
47. The Ruins of Time
48. Tell Me You Love Me
-- Tragedy Day
49. The Sea of Death
50. The Velvet Web
51. The Screaming Jungle
52. The Snows of Terror
53. Sentence of Death
54. The Keys of Marinus
55. The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance
56. The Temple of Evil – The Aztecs
57. The Warriors of Death – The Aztecs
58. The Bride of Sacrifice – The Aztecs
59. The Day of Darkness – The Aztecs
60. Strangers in Space – The Sensorites
61. The Unwilling Warriors – The Sensorites
62. Hidden Danger – The Sensorites
63. A Race against Death – The Sensorites
64. Kidnap – The Sensorites
65. A Desperate Venture – The Sensorites
66. The Transit of Venus
67. A Land of Fear - Reign of Terror
68. Guests of Madame Guillotine - Reign of Terror
69. A Change of Identity - Reign of Terror
70. The Tyrant of France - Reign of Terror
71. A Bargain of Necessity - Reign of Terror
72. Prisoners of Conciergerie - Reign of Terror
73. Rise and Fall
74. Campaign
75. Farewell, Great Macedon
76. The Masters of Luxor
77. The Library of Alexandria
78. A Star is Born
79. The Flames of Cadiz
80. Rennigan's Record
81. The Last Days
82. A Long Night
-- Nothing at the End of the Lane.
83. Mire and Clay
84. The Duke's Folly
85. The Mother Road
86. Room for Improvement
87. The Reign Makers
88. The Wanderer
89. City at World's End
90. The Witch Hunters
91. Here There Be Monsters
-- The Thief of Sherwood.
92. Planet of Giants
93. Dangerous Journey
94. Crisis
95. The Time Travellers
96. World's End - Invasion of Earth
97. The Daleks - Invasion of Earth
98. Day of Reckoning - Invasion of Earth
99. The End of Tomorrow - Invasion of Earth
100. The Waking Ally - Invasion of Earth
101. Flashpoint - Invasion of Earth
102. Venusian Lullaby
103. The Revenants
104. Set in Stone
105. The Nine-Day Queen
106. The Book of Shadows
107. The True and Indisputable Facts in the Matter of the Ram's Skull
108. Dr Who in the Spider's Web
109. Dr Who on the Aqua Planet
110. The Ice-Age Monster
111. Dr Who Meets the Watermen
112. The Daleks Destroy the Zomites
113. Escape from the Aquafien
114. Where Diamonds are Worthless
115. The Prehistoric Monster
116. Dr Who and the Nerve Machine
117. The Daleks are Foiled
118. Rescued from the Daleks
119. The Defeat of the Daleks
120. The Powerful Enemy
121. Desperate Measures
122. Byzantium!
123. Romans Cutaway
124. The Slave Traders – The Romans
125. All Roads Lead to Rome – The Romans
126. Conspiracy – The Romans
127. Inferno – The Romans
128. The Eleventh Tiger
129. The Web Planet - Doctor Who and the Zarbi
130. The Zarbi - Doctor Who and the Zarbi
131. Escape to Danger - Doctor Who and the Zarbi
132. Crater of Needles - Doctor Who and the Zarbi
133. Invasion - Doctor Who and the Zarbi
134. The Centre of Terror - Doctor Who and the Zarbi
-- White Man's Burden.
135. The Dark Planet
136. Nothing at the End of the Lane
137. 1963
138. The Rocket Men
-- Prisoners of Time.
139. The Lion - The Crusaders
140. The Knight of Jaffa - The Crusaders
141. The Wheel of Fortune - The Crusaders
142. The Warlords - The Crusaders
143. The Space Museum
144. The Dimensions of Time
145. The Search
146. The Final Phase
147. Every Day
148. A Religious Experience
149. The Plotters
150. The Executioners - The Chase
151. The Death of Time - The Chase
152. Flight through Eternity - The Chase
153. Journey into Terror - The Chase
154. The Death of Doctor Who - The Chase
155. The Planet of Decision - The Chase
156. The Watcher - The Time Meddler
157. The Meddling Monk - The Time Meddler
158. A Battle of Wits - The Time Meddler
159. Checkmate - The Time Meddler
160. Frostfire
-- The Three Doctors.
161. The Empire of Glass
162. Are You Listening?
163. Corridors of Power
164. The Schoolboy's Story
165. The Long Step Backward
166. Snowman in Manhattan
167. Planet of the Bunnoids
168. Mars
169. The Power Supply
170. Upstairs
171. The Suffering
172. Four Hundred Dawns - Galaxy 4
173. Trap of Steel - Galaxy 4
174. Air Lock - Galaxy 4
175. The Exploding Planet - Galaxy 4
176. Mission to the Unknown
177. Temple of Secrets - The Myth Makers
178. Small Prophet, Quick Return - The Myth Makers
179. Death of a Spy - The Myth Makers
180. Horse of Destruction - The Myth Makers
181. Scribbles in Chalk
182. The Nightmare Begins
183. Day of Armageddon
184. Devil's Planet
185. The Traitors
186. Counter Plot
187. Coronas of the Sun
188. The Feast of Steven
189. The Little Drummer Boy
190. The Anachronauts
191. The Guardian of the Solar System
192. The Drowned World
193. Home Truths
194. Volcano
195. Golden Death
196. Escape Switch
197. The Abandoned Planet
198. Destruction of Time
199. The Perpetual Bond
200. The Cold Equations
201. The First Wave
202. Ash
203. Roses
-- The Five Doctors.
-- The Witch Hunters.

204. Cambridge Previsited
205. The Lair of Zarbi Supremo
206. Peril in Mechanistria
207. The Fishmen of Kandalinga
-- The Thousand Years of Christmas.
-- The Glass Princess.
208. Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space209. The Klepton Parasites
210. The Therovian Quest
211. The Hijackers of Thrax
212. Doctor Who on the Web Planet
213. The Gyros
214. Prisoners of Gritog
215. Home to Hamelin
216. Moon Landing
217. In Reverse
218. Lizardworld
219. Prisoners of the Kleptons
220. The Caterpillar Men
221. The Ordeals of Demeter
222. Enter: The Go-Ray
223. Dr. Who Meets the Frog People
224. A Christmas Story
225. In Search of the Didus
226. Space-Station Z-7
227. Plague of the Black Scorpi
228. The Trodos Tyranny
229. Guests of King Neptune
230. The Gaze of the Gorgon
231. The Secret of Gemino
232. The Haunted Planet
233. The Hunters of Zerox
234. The Underwater Robot
235. Deadly Cargo
236. The Pets
237. Return of the Trods
238. The Galaxy Games
239. The Experimenters240. Dr Who on the Planet Zactus
241. The Cloud Exiles
242. The Sons of Grekk
243. Terror on Tiro
244. Mission for Duh
245. The Devil-Birds of Corbo
246. The Playthings of Fo
247. Justice of the Glacians
248. Ten Fathom Pirates
249. iNtRUsioNs
250. From Eternity
-- The End.251. Making History
252. Waiting for Jeremy
-- Do You Smell Carrots?
253. White on White
254. War of God - The Massacre
255. The Sea Beggar - The Massacre
256. Priest of Death - The Massacre
257. Bell of Doom - The Massacre
258. Salvation
259. The Steel Sky - The Ark
260. The Plague - The Ark
261. The Return - The Ark
262. The Bomb - The Ark
263. The Celestial room - The Celestial Toymaker
264. The Hall of Dolls - The Celestial Toymaker
265. The Dancing Floor - The Celestial Toymaker
266. The Final Test - The Celestial Toymaker
267. A Holiday for the Doctor – The Gunfighters
268. Don't Shoot the Pianist – The Gunfighters
269. Johnny Ringo – The Gunfighters
270. The O.K. Corral – The Gunfighters
271. Mother Russia
-- Death to the Doctor!
-- The Golden Door.
-- Tales from the Vault.
272. 64 Carlysle Street
273. Bunker Soldiers
274. Return of the Rocket Men
275. The Savages
276. Tarnished Image
277. There Are Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden
278. The Man in the Velvet Mask
279. The War Machines
280. The Rag & Bone Man's Story
281. The Smugglers
282. The Three Paths
283. Food For Thought
284. Ten Little Aliens
-- Five Card Draw.
285. The Tenth Planet (2nd)

and no I didn't make a mistake on adding Lungbarrow so many times. Those of different points of his younger years.

When I do those stories I'm not going to number them with numbers but with letters so when I come to the story that the flashback appears in the very top will give that letter to lead you back to the other stories

so when you read Lungbarrow at the top of the chapter that has the flash back it will lead you straight to the story that will have my own title. Unless the flash back leads to a story that has a title from the list

Example 1:

Lungbarrow - chapter 3 (has flash back to story A1) - A1 (my own title)

Example 2: (this isn't a real so called flash back but y'all should get the point)

Ten Little Aliens - chapter 3 - 279. The War Machines ( For those who don't understand Ten Little Aliens Doesn't have a flash back to 279. The War Machines)

Below will be the lists for the other Doctors. When I get to story 285 the Title will have a number at the end so it will look like this "285. The Tenth Planet (2nd)" the same will be for the last story of each list it will have a next doctor's number. There will also be a list of the next set of stories for that next doctor at the last page of the last story.

So for example I wrote 20 pages but you see 21 for the 285th story the 21st page will be the list of stories for the 2nd Doctor since the 1st Doctor is not longer around.

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