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There are a few characters that I've created that I've kinda grown attached too. So you'll probably see them appear in a few of my stories :)

the first one is Joshua Louie Messer - Danny and Lindsay's second child, I started writing him in Moments and he just grew on me, I went to write another story and wanted to include a second child in that, I went through all different names for him but Joshua just kept coming up so I've decided to just use him in all my stories involving the Messer's having two children now :)

The next ones are Lucas Monroe, his wife Carrie Monroe and their two children Ryan and Max - they've all just made their first appearance in Moments but I'm sure I'll be using them all again very soon :)

The Enchanted Forest is a children's show that Lucy watches containing the fairies Millie Magic and Daisy Dust and all their woodland friends.

and lastly there is Cocoa, the Messers chocolate Labrador - I'm sure she'll be popping up every now and then in my stories :)

I've recently got back into writing and started writing my own stories for Once Upon a Time :) the only character that I've so far created is Charlotte, Hook and Emma's 3 year old daughter.

Disclaimer - I don't own CSI or Once Upon a Time or any of the characters from the show :)

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