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Wildcatatheart PM
Joined Oct '18

I'm a "wildcat at heart", forever and always.

A single mom now nonna who loves to read different takes of my favorite stories that I grew up and/or raised my son on.

Books and movies with others views, opinions, etc...can be interesting and sometimes very enjoyable.

Favorites (in no specific order);

  • Star Wars

  • Harry Potter

  • Marvel and DC

  • Riddick

  • Divergent trilogy

  • Jurassic Park/World

  • Fast n Furious

  • Walking Dead

  • (just to name a few)

    I've never put my ideas into the written word due to my OCD ADD (my mind moves along to fast for me to type it or write it down-lol)

    along side my extremely high anxiety and depression I fear that as strong as i am that people degrading me in writting for minor mistakes or their dislike of my slant on things would not a grand idea. lol atleast disappointment is not so bad if i just voice my ideas and help others. reading such crap against ones self can be a bit devastating to ones health. sadly.

    I'm always good at helping others...coming up with new ideas and/or expressing them. i am a good sounding board. lol

    kittenshift is among my favorite authors on here...

    Blessed Be to y'all

    hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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