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War on Critics United

Copy Paste this if you are supporting our cause.

Nothing can stop us now.

We only want to boot CU completely off the site.

For the greater good.

We are not some british bastard -.-

England isn't my city.


Bella119, Sherlock Holmes u aren't:P

Because Bella119 fancy herself a criminal psychologist:

I like to collect plushies

I like apples

I do have friends. But sometimes they've got no time for me. Their loss -.-

I like summer dresses

My uncle is nice to me

I can program

I know many languages

My mum is proud of me

U know...Mobile phones are powerful enough ;)

Thanks, Lord Kelvin, I'll spam the review report service so that yours will drown under it.

Bella119, I've got many boys who confessed to me, hmph.

Hybrid of Fate or Istwill56, mean bully (yes I know the irony but that's the reason my opinion is valid as I speak from experience). Best of all, she's a lying girl playing with mismatched socks. Firstly, it's pathetic to waste time to manually create socks. Idiot. You are being attacked because of your deeds, count yourself lucky that I don't destroy u completely.

This is for the guy who wants us to spam some girl

We say to that:

Go and do it yourself, really.

Honestly, if you are that incompetent, you're wasting your whole life.

There ain't no free lunch. At this point, you won't get any respect from us.

Be sensible :)

Yes, we know. it comes off as hypocritical, actually, it is. After all, which sensible group would spam others...

Hybrid of Fate or dare I say Cerrie HD, don't you just play coy with us. We know your kind very well, all too well even.

Your hypocritical stench, we can smell it miles away. How do you like mistress Karma so far?

A great protagonist should have bad mental health. A great story should have conflicts and as all conflicts go,

they'll advance others in their tumultuous times, even going so far as to bring their inner worst or great.

https: // www. youtube. com / watch?v=9TwOt4IomAA

https: // www. youtube. com / watch?v=dmg2L38WuVs

I'll be waiting for you till the end of times.

ibgarry, we're sorry that you would need to endure the immature attacks of a creepy stalker who doesn't understand a no.

We do not believe that you are the leader of the illustrious group of censorship that needed to be brought down.

There won't be peace until the group flees this site.

So without further ado, we'll demonstrate the might of ours at once. After all no one could possible expect the imperial inquisition ;P

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