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Hi! I'm Waiyi, 慧兒, or Hui'er.

My favorite couples are -

Bleach- IchigoxRukia

Avatar: The Last Airbender - TophxZuko

Teen Titans- RobinxRaven

Danny Phantom - DannyxSam

Meet the Robinsons- CorneliusxFranny; Lewis x Young Franny

Princess and the Frog - TianaxNaveen

Tangled - RapunzelxFlynn Rider(Eugene Fitzherbert)

fav colors - Black, Red, Green and Purple.

favorite game - Maple Story, Kingdom Hearts

Birthday - January 1st

Tidbits? - I was trained in Hip hop dancing and Traditional Chinese Dancing for a few years. Played percussion instruments, the Chinese dulcimer, and soon I am going to learn the guitar. I'm proficient in cooking, mostly baking, and I am active in my school's recycling club, and I'm an Officer in a club that raises money, to help make scholarships for children from third world countries get an education ($20 =One year Tuition). I plan to become an anthropologist, sociologist, archeologist, a pastry chef, and maybe novel writer. I'm a first generation Chinese-American, my parents came from Southern China and Hong Kong.

I enjoy eating Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese fusion cuisine, Indian and Italian foods.

I can't live without eating rice.

I am a forever devoted, dedicated IchigoxRukia fan and RobinxRaven fan and TophxZuko fan.

Favorite Quotes-

The only things that you cannot doubt exists is yourself and doubt" - History teacher, Dr. Neary

"We Are Toko. We are as Ninjas. By the time you realize we've struck, it's already too late."-

"LIES AFTER LIES AFTER LIES! YOU'RE A TOWER OF LIES!" -Dr. Helena Karydas, Latin teacher

"Keep Moving Forward"- Meet the Robinsons, Disney

"You should know that this is the strangest thing I have ever done" - Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert), Tangled

"Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn"

"I think therefore I am"

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