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To all of you fanfiction writers,

Success is when you battle your self-doubts, face your fears, and despite all challenges, you accomplish your goals.

Finish your story. Be a successful writer.



1. The NOOM - The New Order of Merlin (Harry Potter universe expanded with BBC Merlin and mythology):

- Book 1: The Gathering - an epic multi-crossover. Currently being republished after a massive edit.

- Book 2: Cursed - continuation of the story. Ongoing.

- The Well of Youth - a mythic backstory. It will run consecutively with The NOOM books. Can be read before or after the main series - will warn of spoilers. Ongoing.

2. Harry Potter: Marauders Era - plots are not connected to The NOOM, but share the same world and characters:

- Hogwarts Prank Club - Remus goes to Hogwarts. Complete.

- The Beast of Knockturn Alley - focused on Remus Lupin - a teenage werewolf. Ongoing.

3. Carnival Row AU - Philo has wings:

- Hunt for Unseelie Jack. It was supposed to be a beginning of story. Since then, I've used that plot in my original book. I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything with this one. To be determined.

- Remember that Time We Ran from Zombies - a fun short story. Complete.

4. Rise of the Guardians universe:

- Jack Frost and the Spirit of Christmas - a feel-good short story. Complete.

- Go to Hell, Jack Frost! - a fun crossover with Lucifer. Complete.

- Bloody Brain Freeze - an adventure with vampires. My very first fanfic. Complete.

- The House of J - a romance. Complete.

5. Harry Potter and The Little Mermaid crossover

- Gryffindor at Heart - coming soon!


You can find me on Twitter @Kamiccola if you'd like to chat. I'd love to hear from you. I'm also on AO3 and Wattpad under the same name. Wattpad has my original stories and cool book covers made by yours truly. I even have an art book up there with my pencil drawings.


I have an author's site with a totally unrelated technical blog (psst, I'm a professional geek). I plan to add a guide to my fanfictions there eventually.

IsobelLynx (dot) com

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