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WARNING: You have most likely stumbled upon my account looking for something to read. Well no luck there, I am a avid FanFic reader, but do not write (mostly, besides my one chapter, unfinished, terrible Finchel story [but we don't talk about that]). My grammar is terrible and you probably want to kill me from just reading my bio. But, fear not, now I will destract you with things about myself. Here they are:

I’m from: Veromont

My favorite show is: Veronica Mars, Glee and New Girl!!

My favorite movies are: The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Veronica Mars Movie, and The Breakfast Club!!

Two fun facts about me: I LOVE music, and I have 2 different thumbs.

I ship Everlark, LoVe, Finchel... (and some others.)

RIP Cory Monteith.

Happy Reading!

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