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This is rather pointless since I probably won't being a writer, but it makes it easier to review on all the fics instead of the some that allow outsiders of the fanficians to review.

Giving a few details for
the curious, and creepy stalkers whose asses will be kick if show up, even if there is total lack of true information.

Name: Conquistador Imp, but for short you may call me Conquistador.

Age: infinite, unknown, n/a, don't worry I'm out of preschool... maybe

Likes: reading, crab legs, jokes, slightly twisted jokes, twisted to the point of no return jokes, humor of all sorts, pissing people off, confusing people beyond belief, tv, fire, fruit, Austrailan football, Terry Pratchett, cats, sweets and sodas

Dislikes: Country Music, pink, pink again, hell lets just burn the pink and get it over with, onions, mushrooms, American football, being thought of as normal, Verin the cat, coconut (might be allergic to that) and pickles

Music: Prefers celtic rock, but will listen to almost everything. Hates; country and really sllllllllllllllooooooowwwwwww songs.

I don't really care what most people think, if I care what you think ain't you special. That would mean your either friends or family. Also has the cutest greatest cat of all time (I would know) Michael.

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