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Hey guys, Nevarus here. I've written quite a bit before, but i've never put it out on the web before I first put it on webnovel. I have written my feeling on various stories below.

Harry Potter

There are several problems that I see with the original Harry Potter.

1. The assumption that Harry was not abused that badly by the Dursleys. The Dursleys are people who have a fear turned hate of magic and anything unnatural. The closest thing I can think of to compare to them is the templars from Dragon Age. If they could've gotten away with it Harry would most likely be dead already, but instead they physically and mentally abused Harry until he was a submissive little helper boy.

2. Ginny ending up with Harry. Ginny is a fan-girl stalker as far as I am concerned. That doesn't mean I don't like the pairing, but I just hate it in the original series because it comes out of nowhere. The Fanfiction I've read about Love potions make more sense that actual love between them just suddenly showing up in 6th year.

3. Ron ending up with Hermione. These two bicker about every little thing and have since 1st year. Some say that it's a sign of sexual tension or that you argue with those you love, but I don't completely agree. They have always seemed to have a strained relationship at best, but harry always seemed to be the glue holding them together.

4. Ron Weasley doesn't seem to consider anything before he says it and isn't a very good friend. Example: 1st year, when he said Hermione is a nightmare and it's no wonder she doesn't have any friends. That is not acceptable behavior. Another Example: 4th Year, when Harry's name comes out of the G.O.F. Ron seems to take this as an outright betrayal and refuses to listen to Harry at all until he is staring death in the face. Yet again not acceptable behavior. I could go on and on about Ron being a terrible friend, but you know what I'll end it there.

5. Hogwarts is a school for young witches and wizards. It is also home of the believe everything that is a rumor as the truth. I don't know about anyone else, but I would not forgive anyone for believing that I started assaulting people. This belief being founded on nothing more than ooh look you can speak a magical language so you're guilty.

6. The way Snape acts in the series seems... completely off considering he grew up in a similar situation to Harry himself. I would expect that if Snape discovered how he was being treated, he would've forsaken his orders from Dumbledore in order to prevent more harm from being done. Snape shows favoritism like water gets you wet. it's honestly ridiculous, but supposedly necessary orders from Dumbledore.

7. Dumbledore has lost touch with the individuals in his quest for the Greater Good, but that does not make him evil. I do think that he puts too much stock in the good of people. He didn't let Harry persuade him about leaving the Dursleys and no amount of Blood Wards could really make up for harry's home life.

Side Note: a lot of people have complained about house elves and their supposed enslavement or about fanfic writers writing that they are required to bond to survive. First off... it's not stated that they are forced to be slaves or not and it's not stated if all house elves are treated like Here is how i view it... if they were just slaves, then why would they remain that way for so long. Keeping slaves from wanting more out of life or freedom is improbable, so something else must have been going on. For example, they are required to bond to the house/family in order to survive or perhaps they were cursed to feel that way. Both of those explanations are a lot better than they just are slaves and we should free them...

Fanfictions in general

-Here is a problem I see most often in Naruto, but also in other places. If there is a reasonable translation to English that doesn't sound bad and allows the reader to understand what it is... then use the English translation.

For example... it's perfectly acceptable to use Shadow Clone, but Jutsu should be used instead of skill/technique. The reason why this is necessary is because... it is annoying for the reader to have to look for translations. If you have provided the translation for it, then the question becomes... why wasn't it just written that way to begin with.

I understand that the English translation on things tends to... butcher translation, but perhaps that is because someone hasn't found the best way to put it. I know that Translation sites that do professional work find ways to translate things into an accurate version of what we would read if we read it from the original.

The anti-harem writers.

I don't mind not having a harem in fanfiction. the problem i have is when you have a story that you continue off from Canon that has a pre-existing harem and you destroy it because you either don't like harems or choose not to write it out.

instead what needs to be done is to write from before the harem was a sure thing and direct away from that while making it believable (not just throwing a random guy at each of the girls... hint hint).

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