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I'm back? Surely this must be some mistake.

I try to respond to every single review- don't think I've missed one yet! I truly cherish those of you who take the time to read and review my stories. You guys are the best!

Speaking of reviewing...

I hate to be a stickler about this, but I really feel like it's a common courtesy to leave a few lines of appreciation to a writer if you're enjoying their story. Think of it as fuel for them. You never know if your review could be the one that gets them through a rough chapter, or through their writer's block. It's sort of disheartening to see how many people are willing to hit the "alert" or "favorite" button, but can't be bothered to say "Hey, I like this," or "I'm interested to see where this is going."

I know a lot of people read stories on their phones, and yes, it is slightly more time-consuming to write a review via text, but it's not that hard (I speak from experience). How many texts do you send in a day? Is this really that different?

I'm sorry if I'm coming across as a grouch about this, that is not my intention. At heart, what I want to do is make stories that I find interesting and that other people do too. So please, if you like what you're reading (Not just for me! Apply this to every story you're reading!), let the author know! You don't know how much it means to them!


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