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I am an avid fanfiction reader. I try to filter out the bad and meh stories in my favourite page, but it is pretty hard. I'm long overdue for another cleaning. Maybe tommorow?

As you can see, I tend to read Harry Potter stories. Not just because I like the familiar characters, but as easy framework. It is rather easy to make a story with the HP world as your frame. Most stories on this site are either HP or Naruto. HP isn't my favourite story, but the story is good and it's one of the most widely used in fanfiction.

The one story I have written was written long ago, when I was a young teen. It's quality is likely to be BAD, but I have kept it on here just because. I want to keep the idea existing (no matter how badly executed) and maybe later I'll do a rewrite.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT - IF YOU ARE EVER GOING TO READ A WEBTOON, DO NOT LOOK AT THE OFFICIAL WEBTOON TRAILERS! WHY? BECAUSE WEBTOON IS RUBBISH AT MAKING TRAILERS AND PRETTY MUCH ALWAYS MISUNDERSTANDS THE STORY. If you want to see a trailer, check if the original creator has made one, if they have not then too bad, if they have then watch that trailer, not the webtoon official trailers.

I should start a list of favourite stories here. Maybe. Soon.

Fine, fine, i'll start now! I can't leave everything for later! But I can't say I'll ever finish

Here are my current favourite (NOT FANFICTION) stories! All these are highest quality (except maybe the first called Room of Swords which is slowly degrading in quality, but the start was super) These are all webtoons, for now, I'll add some more that are not webtoons later.

Room Of Swords


The Steamdragon Express

I am the Grim Reaper



Dr Frost

My Deepest Secret

It's Mine

Everywhere and Nowhere

Lucky is as Unlucky does

Nothing Special

Lore Olympus

Not even bones

I love yoo

Moon You




Cooking Comically

Fantasies Are Realities Tears - If you are observant at all you'll notice that this nice fantasy's story's acronym is FART. Definitely beats Hermione's SPEW. This joke was made by the author on purpose

Midnight Radio

Currently, I've noticed the fall in quality of youtube. More and more fake, trashy channels appear each day, swiping money from genuine creators with creative ideas. They repeat the same content, that is bad quality but, you know, 'looks satisying', so has millions of views.

Not only that, they seem to be FILLED with misinformation, from minor wrong baking tricks, to dtips on diet and health.

Their sole purpose is to make money in the cheapest way possilble, they don't care if what they are showing is wrong or unhealhy or useless. Neither does youtube, because those money farms are also making THEM money, and they don't want to lose out on a great source of income.


If you manage to stop one channel. Another pops up. It's like playing bop the moles, except the moles jut out permanently and your hammer is made of foam. I'd say to report the videos you see like that, but even that doesn't do much. I think our only bet is protests, out in the street. We have to do something drastic, but what? Not enough people are aware of this problem!

Wait! Good idea! The more people who are aware of this problem, the better! We've got to get this information out to as many people as we can, and discourage them from watching these videos. Point them to genuine creators. Send them links. If many people know, and want to stop it, the better! In this world, the more people who want something changed, the more likely it is to be changed! So spread the word!

Right now I'm not in the mood to tell you how bad this content is getting but there are others!

You've probably already seen the common debunking videos, but even then the debunking videos don't seem to have enough of an effect.

Here are some good places to go for info.

How to Cook that's debunking playlist, with fun chatty and informative videos that are really interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSBSzWmjXO0&list=PLPT0YU_0VLHxJMqHBC2_OMTYWwQ5z_iP4





Ok Why is it so hard to find this info I wonder?

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