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Hi! I'm stillchaste and is a new writer! So please do understand if you find difficulties and errors in my stories. By the way you can call me Kei-chan because that is my nickname! Anyways, I am under the addictive spell of this ship that I love the most. I just started shipping it two months ago.

"SASUNARU" Uchiha Sasuke as 'seme' and Uzumaki Naruto as 'uke'.

Sadly to say I'm not under the others so this ship is only the one you can expect. But there'll be a light GaaNaru, KakaNaru, ItaNaru, NejiNaru, and MinaNaru! "Yes! I am a completely crazy addicted fan girl of yaoi! *nose bleeds*."

And by the way if you have any stories suggestions about 'SasuNaru' that's great and please do inform me! I owe you a big thanks!


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