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My Fairy Tail OC

Name: Atlas Chromium

Height: 6'7

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Style: Falls to his upper back, and is basically the same style Natsu has after the one year timeskip but more spiky, has 2 bangs that fall down to over his collarbone on both sides. (I'm not good at making hair descriptions)

Left Eye Color: Green

Right Eye Color: Blue

Body Type: Tall, sturdy, (Basically like Jura, but a bit bulkier)

Personality: About as serious as Laxus, loves throwing in bad puns whenever he finds an opportunity, battles excite him about as much as Natsu, and is somewhat flirty with only his mate.

Likes: White haired girls, bad puns, fighting, training, becoming stronger, eating, teasing,

Love Interest: Lisanna

Clothes: Wears a black Tank Top, covered by his brown cloak that falls down to above his feet and covers most of his front. (Kinda like Natsu's after the 1 year timeskip). Wears dark brown jeans.

Shoes: None, walks barefoot to get a feel for the Earth. He wears sandals indoors.

Jewelry: Has a small silver earring in the shape of a star on his left ear.

Magic: Rock Dragon Slayer Magic, Earth-Make Magic, Re-Quip Magic (for his sandals)

Generation: Third Generation Dragon Slayer (Has a Rock Dragon Slayer's Lacrima implanted and was raised by a Rock Dragon)

Rock Dragon Slayer Spells:

⟨Basic Spells⟩

Rock Dragon's Roar

While breathing in, he creates enough force to tear the ground apart so he can suck up the shattered ground. When he unleashes the attack, he shoots out a sandstorm with a bunch of super sharp stalactites in the middle of it. It takes longer to charge than any other Dragon Slayer, but it's destructive force and speed is unmatched when unleashed. The amount of force that is released is enough to make the stalactites fly straight through the target, leaving only holes in said target.

Rock Dragon's Fist

Attacks the opponent with a right hook while the fist is hardened by the user's Rock Scales.

Rock Dragon's Crushing Fang

When using this, his right and left hands are encased in hardened rocky gauntlets that smash upon impact. It can give concussions if hit behind the head by it. It is launched in downward arc. It has enough force to create a small crater upon contact.

Rock Dragon's Rock Armor

He smashes the ground to form sharp spikes covering his body. (Like the Rock Dragon at the GMG). It is extremely deadly in close quarters combat. The only ones that would be almost unharmed are Dragon Slayers like the Iron Dragon Slayer, Gajeel. His Iron Scales are as strong if not stronger than the Rocks that a Rock Dragon has.

Rock Dragon's Wing Attack

Rock Dragon's Tail

Attacks with his right pivot leg encased in Rock Scales.

Rock Barricade

Smashes his right foot into the ground, sending magic into the ground, to lift up the earth infront of him into a sturdy barricade that extends around him. Like this: )

Advanced Spells

Rock Dragon's Thousand Lance

Double taps the ground with his right foot to send magic into the ground, making a large amount of rock stalactites to spring up from the ground around the target, then smashes his left foot forward to send the the Stalactites flying towards the enemy at an insane speed. (This spell is inspired by Thousand Bone Lance, used by Ainz Ooal Gown in Overlord.)

Rock Dragon's Rocky Hell

This is the equivalent of Laxus' Thunder Palace that he used in Magnolia. He summons forth a rock dome around his target that closes in on the target until the target is destroyed. The Rock Dragon's Rocky Hell is nigh-unbreakable unless you're stronger than the Rock Dragon Slayer by a significant amount. The insides of the dome is guarded by stalactites coming out of it. It's basically like an Iron Maiden, but more painful. About 20 stalactites will be sent flying toward the target every 4 seconds. (Laxus can crack the dome, but can't completely break it. Natsu (1-year Timeskip) can easily melt the dome with his flames. Rogue can't do anything because it's pitch black, meaning there are no shadows for him to jump into. Gajeel is unknown. Depends on his willpower if he wants to try to prove he's more durable than the dome, he would break it before he'd break.) The larger the dome, the slower it is to crush the target and the easier it is to break out of it.

Dragon Force Level

Hidden Rock Form: Mountain Queen - Rock Dragon's Unnatural Disaster


Rock Drive

Dragon Force


Rock Scales lessen the effects of Lightning and other physical attacks to a greater degree. Completely nullifies Earth and Rock Magic.

⟨Earth-Make Magic Spells⟩

Rock Dragon's Earth-Make Magic: Rock Dragon's Tail

Makes a spiked dragon tail coming out of the top of the back of his waist that he can use to swing and hit people with.

Rock Dragon's Earth-Make Magic: Rock Dragon's Wings

Makes wings that he can use as a shield or to even fly. Albeit, using it to fly is considerably harder as it makes the user heavier.

Rock Dragon's Earth-Make Magic: Rock Dragon

It makes a makeshift live Rock Dragon (Like Lyon's Ice Dragon) that attacks. And, considering it is enhanced by the Rock Dragon Slayer Magic, it is much stronger than Lyon's Snow Dragon, Ape and Tiger combo.

Secret Art: Rock Dragon's Earth-Make Magic: Giant Rock Dragon

It's like the Rock Dragon Spell, but Atlas is safely inside it and is controlling it. He can use his Dragon Slayer abilities while within this fake Rock Dragon. It's about as big as the Rock Dragon at the GMG if not smaller. It is not as strong as a real Rock Dragon, but it is still pretty strong. It is nearly able to tank a shot from even the infamous Jupiter Cannon. It takes a lot of magic to use such a spell,

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