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I love reading wrestling fanfics. Below are my muses so if you are writing a story that involves these characters please let me know and I would be happy to read and leave a review:

Character Muses:

LIKEABLE/GOOD GUYS (no specific order):
John Cena - great leading man character. Hot, hot, hot!
Triple H - love him in like the big brother roles and also paired with Stephanie. Can also be decent comic relief too. He has a very strong personality and I like that in a man.
Randy Orton - Great comic relief character and I also like him as the character that is misunderstood, but is really a pretty cool guy (I met him and he is.) Can't wait until he plays a good guy again on TV.
HBK - Nice guy and believable romantic lead character. Seems to have a lot of soul
Edge - Everyone who has met him in real life loves him. Great sense of humor.
Jeff Hardy - Smoldering and dangerous. The rebel with a heart kind of character.
Christian - Not used enough in my opinion. Christian is a sweetie pie!
CM Punk - Just too hard to hate. Cocky as hell, but still, too hard to hate.
Alex Riley - Don't know what it is, but he's likeable. Him and Miz were a great team!
Ted BiDIase Jr - Cute as a bunny (lol). Just something about him.

NOT LIKEABLE/BAD GUYS (no specific order):
Dave Batista
- From his Evolution days I always thought he made a great bad guy.
Shane McMahon - Rich, egotistical, spoiled. The guy has villan written all over him. It' the only character he plays well. Has a great evil smirk.
Sheamus - I love the guy, but I have to admit he makes a great villan
Wade Barrett - he can easily be on the other list but he makes bad look so good.
Cody Rhodes - Could go either way, but the man plays off the pretty boy with a temper so well. Dare I say, SEXY!
Triple H - Like Shane, a natural bad guy. Was one the best and biggest bad guys in the WWE, and next to Edge, probably one of the best bad guys from the past ten years.

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