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Name: Jenna Rowling

Age: 18 now. Yay!! It's life great? Really? Nothing's changed. Darn. Oh well. I suppose I'll live.

Gender: Female

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi

Appearance: Blue hair, green eyes, white skin

Bestest Friend: The person helping me make this profile!

Religion: Buddhist

Magical Powers: Why do you wanna know? Are you afraid? (Person Helping Make This Profile: YES!)

Fandoms I Read: Everything

Fandoms I Write (Yes, I will post eventually...): Everything Else

Would You Rather Have Two Heads or No Head?: No head, I don't wanna argue with myself, I do that enough already...

Bikini or One Piece?: Depends, what am I doing? (Bestest Friend: Swimming (IN A SWIMMING POOL!)) One Piece

Are you Fat?: Why do you want to know?

Do you live in a House?: sarcastic no, I live in a box!

Favorite Books: Are you joking? I can't choose... I'm very indecisive, I think, wait...

Favorite Movies: You: Reads Above

Favorite ... MUSIC!: ... songs with words and notes and melodies and stuff!

Thinking right now: Wondering why you're still reading this. Get to the funny quotes and/or stories already!

Sorry about the heaps of favorites, I just love to read fanfiction, and I love what I read. I mostly read funny stories and/or angst. Just...sort them by category and you should be fine.

Sorrry again!! I keep meaning to upload a story, but my computer is 'sick', and I can't reach any of my files at the moment.
Not that anyone cares.

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