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So, this is a profile page, huh? I guess that I shouldn't leave it blank.

I, ladies and gentlemen, am Steven Kodaly. I've got a piece of fiction in the works right now that is a Harry Potter / Yu Yu Hakusho crossover; the plot bunny was a gracious gift from RuneWitchSakura.

My penname comes from a character in a musical; I saw him onstage, and started laughing my rear end off, so I've decided to use him.

I'm a fan of slash - that is, yaoi or male/male - fiction, but I also like work that doesn't have slash. I'm not too picky - except when it comes to grammar. There, I will send messages detailing the faults I find in a work. In fact, I'd appreciate that people send me messages or reviews when they see something blatantly wrong in a work of mine.

Thanks for all the info on "shipping," scene breaks and fan fiction terminology. And on - Ahem - "H/J" as well, something I'm not comfortable posting on my profile.

Editing chapters doesn't remove reviews! Hooray, for that!

I am now looking for well-written science fiction crossovers - and I do mean well-written. I'm talking about stories such as A Thin Veneer, by AlbertG, only with better proofreading. Please, send me links! I am also looking for works set in the Naruto fandom that involve an amorous Kyuubi no Kitsune. Again, please send me links.

As proof that I am NOT DEAD YET, I hereby issue -


For Love Of Gold

Oftentimes, the pursuit of gold is viewed askance, particularly by characters who view gold as an unnecessary and useless frippery. Write a story which makes use of gold in some fashion; gold can be a focus of the story, or simply a little plot extra.

Things to bear in mind:

- Gold has many useful properties; feel free to make use of them (electrical conductivity, malleability, etc.)

- One can also invent additional properties (e.g. magical attributes)


Applied Reasoning

So often in stories, a character (or characters) noted for being logical and observant is completely blindsided by the existence of magic, or some analogue to it. Write a story where this is not so; a character should either deduce the existence of magic, or readily accept it and begin to learn about its mechanics. In fact, this character could even go so far as to punch holes in the prevalent magical theory, revolutionizing the art.

Challenge Accepted by Just Alex, on this site, and can be found either at his author page or here:


Note: The following is taken from the profile of grammahPolice. Go visit this profile; while the author has no stories posted, there is a C2 of Naruto stories, each with over a thousand reviews.

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are unconcerned by the dismal state of their education, or the fact that their fanfiction is raping the English language. If you're part of the five percent of fanfiction writers/readers who do care about such things, cut and paste this, and then leave reviews for those poor souls who know not what they do.

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