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Hey everyone!

My name is Stephanie.

Many of you may know me as


from HPANA.

I thank you for viewing my profile and I hope you take the time to read my stories. If you do find the time to read them, I hope that you like them as much as I enjoy writing on them.

I am a HUGE Hermione/Draco shipper and I'm proud of it!! I may occationally write something with different Harry Potter couples, but my major thing is Dr/Hr.

As my name suggests, I love watching the anime show Naruto, my fav. characters being Sasuke and Sakura. I now have a one-shot with them both, so please read and review :D

I love to read and write; which of course led me to this website, helped along by faithful readers from HPANA.

Here's to all of you!!!


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