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Okay, listen up please,

Stories the are being worked on:

HSATS, Harry is adopted by Newt and Tina. Harry magic and Luna's mix and they fall in love. Harry and Luna ship.

The Red Champion, a Power Ranger In Space/ Lost Galaxy and Harry Potter crossover. It's where Harry gets adopted by Ashley and Andros and ends up the Galaxy Red Ranger. It's a Harry and Maya ship.

The Assassin's Of Betrayal, is a Assassin's Creed and Percy Jackson crossover (kinda, just assassin's) Percy is the twin of Athena and ends up "Fading" and starting up the brotherhood. Percy is ship with Hazel

S.N.A: Super Natural Agencey, is a crossover with Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Digimon, NCIS, and Twilight (maybe Criminal Minds) I don't have anything but the team yet. Percy is going to be ship with Kira, Eliie, Kate or Ziva.

Stories that are going under a rewrite:

Perci Tonks, I love this idea but the way I've written this kills me. I plan on removing the Godly stuff and make Sally, Fleur older sister. I love Luna, but I don't think I can do her justice. It's will likely be a Perci and Ginny ship. I can't wait for Molly to freak at this. Because of the Girl with Girl.

Hogwarts reads Mark of Athens, I believe I can do better then what it is. It won't be a Percy and Annabeth ship because I can't do that because my little sister names is Annabeth. It's a Percy and Hermione. I don't now how the magical didn't' notices her missing for a bit.

Stories that are coming soon,

Magi Defender, It's a Harry Potter and Mystic Force, Harry will be the first 6th ranger for the team. It will be set in 3rd year where they are 16 year old (Fight me bro)but Harry joins up with the Rangers. Harry will be ship with Maddie or Vida.

Demigods In Space, believe it or not, it's not a PR In Space and Percy Jackson crossover but a Percy Jackson and Star Wars one. Percy is disown by Poseidon for his brother who lived under the sea for 18 years. Annabeth cheated on Percy and Chiron kicks him camp. Zeus and the other gods gives Percy a chance to go to space and later on he meets 5 people people who he thought was impossible. It's a Percy and Aayla Secura.

A untitled Pokemon and Harry Potter, Harry is the son of James (Ash) and Lily (Latias) and thinks to Latias physic everyone (besides James) thought lily went to Hogwarts. Harry is part dragon and uses a team of Dragons and Physic with a Ralts leading it. He have a group of friends with him: Sirius(Maybe Draco) with Dark and Ghost; The Bones with Ground; Neville with Grass and Poison (Of Course); Hermione with Fire; Luna with Fairy and Physic (The only time I'm going use a type twice); Greengrass Sisters with Water and Ice; Harry Dragons and Physic; Padma with Electric. It's a Harry Padma and only Padma ship.

A WWE a Harry crossover, I don't have a lot of this yet. I only have Harry and Renee Young

Help with the Pokemon and Harry title Harry ship with Vida or Maddie would be nice.

Ships I like:

Harry and Luna, Because why not. Harry doesn't stand for bulling (yet he's friends with one) he would help Luna before 5th year.

Harry and Daphne, honestly I found this one on total accident. TBH i forgot what Fic hook me on this ship.

Harry and Susan, I believe it was Family or Year of the Stone (which are both great and if you haven't read them yet why not?) which I can't think of the author from the top of my head.

Harry and Tonks, is another good ship the came outta nowhere like an RKO. I can't think of any Fic's off the top of my head.

Fleur/Gabby and Harry, for Fleur is one i like is I know your secret and one with a french title. for Gabby is Why Is it always me (I honestly could be wrong about the title) for the both of them it is The King, Flower, and the angel.

Hermione and Harry, I personally thinks this should've been canon. There's honest to many to pick one.

Justbored21 Ginny and Harry. I'm not a big fan of canon Harry and Ginny but Their's is one of the best. Plus Lighting Curse is one of my favorites.

Percy and Zoe (not chaos) it's a good one. God of Night is one of my faves

Percy and Artemis is another of my favorite PJO Ships. Like Harry and Hermione, there is to many fics for them.

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