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So here's a little something about me, may update it soon but I'm kinda lazy XD

Favorite Anime: (There's just so many Anime I love) But my most favorite Animes are : Cardcaptor Sakura (Sakura is so cute), Naruto (favorite pairing is Naruto/Sakura), Alice Academy (Hahahaha very funny), Negima (Hahahaha also very funny), Yu Yu Hakusho (A bit dissapointed with the ending though) Pokemon (I wish the makers can put a little more romance in the anime series) and i'll stop here cause if I were to list down all of my favorit anime it may take a few months hahahaha !!

Things about me: Well where do i begin ? Hmm... well to start I LOVE ANIME !! What can I say I loved anime since I was young and I don't plan on ever stopping (even if my mom says I should hahaha) and I also love playing sports (of all kinds). I love having fun and hanging out with my friends, my motto for life is "To enjoy life to the fullest", I just graduated from high school and have just been accepted to San Beda College, my corse in Internationl Studies (I dream to one day to travel around the world). I'm a sucker for Romantic fanfics (if you check out my favorite fics here you'll see what I mean) I also love action and adventure. The reason i love anime so much is because it gives e the chance to get away from reality (not saying I hate my life) it's just so boring sometime in real life not much happends that's why I try different things right now i'm trying skateboarding (but it's so hard and I almost gave myself some serious injuries hehehe but that's life no pain no gain).

The reason I write Fanfiction: The reason I write fanfics? Well for one thing I'm not for the fame and glory nor to make friends (cause I already have enough, though I wouldn't mind sharing a good conversation with some people here). My reason for writing fanfic is for the sheer love of writing, even though I'm still a newbie with the whole fanfic writing but i've been writing for years already along with my friends. I love anime with all my heart and this is a good way of expressing my self. I know that there will be time where some people will critize me and my stories but that won't change a thing I will continue to write as long as I can.

(Update) Message: Well it's been a while but i finally decided to update my profile here. and yes i'm still having trouble with myself of whether I should try to write my own fic or not. Hmm.. but that'll take a real long time before i can finally decide.

Problems I have with certain Animes:

1.) Ranma: The Anime and Manga itself is good with all the comedy (which is why it's one of my favorite anime),but the problem is the ending cause the anime and manga has left so many questions unanswered like: Will Akane and Ranma ever settle the problems with their relationship, will Akane ever find out about Ryoga being P-chan (I mean sure at first I thought it was alright because the fathers of Ranma and Akane were just trying to get Ranma jealous which did work in a way ok, but right up till the ending of the Anime, not only did Ryoga used Ranma honor against himself but he has also manipulated Akane into hurting Ranma whenever he fought either Ryoga or P-chan and let's not forget that Akane has not only slept with P-chan she has also at certain times undress in front of him, this is why I hate Ryoga i'm sorry if this sounds like i'm taking this too seriously but it's just how I feel about this), next comes in my opinion the source of most of Ranmas' problem his father Genma. Why do I say this it's because let's face it every single problem of Ranma from his curse form, to his fear of cats, to the fiance problems, right up to Ranma trouble with his own mother all these and more all came from him and my problem is why does he always get away with it? Or why does everytime always blame Ranma for his mess?

(Look I know I seem weird for taking things that happened in an anime this far if anyone is bothered by this i'm sorry and to those who are questioning my sanity I just want you all to know that I'm perfectly sane though I did suffer from A.D.H.D when I was young I'm already over that now, so please understand that I'm just giving out my opinion I don't expect for many people to actually listen to this but in truth I really don't care cause it's my life and i'll do whatever I want with it so there !!)

Pokemon: I don't really have much of a problem with this anime but I do have one question are the creators of the anime ever going to put just a little bit of Romance in the the story line, not saying that Ash should quit his journey to be a Pokemon master but I think that the anime would be a little bit more interesting if there was a little romantic aspect to the whole anime that's all (does anyone else agree with me?)

If you fall for this please put it in your profile, I fell for it too:

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7.) As you read this list you keep nodding and smiling.

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12.) Put this in your profile if you fell for that, and you know you did.

Naruto fanfics are over populated by yaoi, primarily NaruSasu. If you believe me put this on your profile.
By Order of ChaosLink

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TAURUS- The Aggressive One
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GEMINI - The Liar
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