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Look I tried to write fanfics but I don't know dude. I have more fun reading them then writing them. And why would I waste my time writing them when I have so many video games, anime (also manga) to catch up/complete and going to smash tournaments.

My favorite games


Super smash Bros ultimate for the Nintendo switch

Nier Automata

Jump force lol

Kingdom hearts 1 CoM 2 and DDD

Favorite Anime/Manga

One Piece

Dragonball Z Super and Abridged

Fire Force (Planning to read season 2 and beyond)

Black Clover

My Hero (Involving non of the MHA community)

Twin Star Exorcist (Manga not anime because there two separate things)

Promise Neverland (Again Manga because season 2 did something people didn't like)

Assassination Classroom


Your Name (Movie but still counts)

Weathering with you (Movie but still counts)

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