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Hello! I’m TacoPhoenix88. I’m a fairly new writer so I love to get constructive critisicm and just any feedback. In the future I hope to become an author or screenwriter. I absolutely love submitting tributes to SYOT’s, so feel free to PM me with info about your SYOT and I’ll be sure to submit! Speaking of SYOTs, all the info for mine is right below!

Here is the tribute submission form for the 446th Hunger Games:

Tribute Form





Favourite thing about their District:


Personality: no less than 3 sentences

Appearance: no less than 3 sentences

Faceclaim (optional):

Backstory: no less than 4 sentences

Family: please include age, appearance, personality

Friends: please include same as family

Any other people of significance: please include same as family

Most Important Moment in life: no less than 2 sentences

Volunteered or Reaped?:

Reaping outfit:


Reaction/Reason: no more than 6 sentences

Strengths: include at least 4 (don’t make too overpowered)

Weaknesses: include at least 4

Opinion on the Capitol:


Main Weapon:

Stations at the Training Centre:

What do they show the Gamemakers:

Gamemaker Score: (it won’t necessarily be that score)

Interview Angle:

Interview Outfit:

Parade Outfit:

Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?:

What’s their opinion on the Games?:

Bloodbath Plan:

Game Plan: make it interesting

Allying or Not:

Are they kind to their allies?:

Open to love in the Games?:

In what environment do they feel most and least comfortable?:

Flight or Fight?:

Expected Placement?: Where do you think they will come?

Preferred Placement: What do you want them to come?

Why should your tribute win?:

Here’s the Sponsoring Form:

How to Earn Points

  1. Short Review- 10
  2. Long Review- 30
  3. Follow Story- 50
  4. Favourite Story- 50
  5. Follow Author- 50
  6. Favourite Author- 50
  7. Submit a tribute- 100
  8. Tribute dies- 150

Sponsoring Items

Food & Water

A loaf of bread-100

Strips of Beef- 100

Water purification tablets-100

A water bottle- 140

A meal for 1- 140

A meal for 2- 170

A meal for 3- 200

A meal for 4- 230

A meal for 5- 260

A bag of 5 water bottles-140

A bag of 12 water bottles-250



Needle and String-150

Disinfectant- 190

Cream for small wounds-200

Cream for big wounds-350

Pill that stops Hunger (1 day)-170

Pill that stops Hunger (2 days)-340

Poison Antidote-450

First-Aid Kit(everything in medical)-2700


Bag- 90

Socks- 90




Thermal jacket-190

Rain jacket-190

Fishing Kit(includes bait and rod)-200

Sleeping Bag- 300


Camouflage Sleeping Bag-350

Camouflage Tent-410


Small knife-90


Bow and 6 arrows-160

Bow and 12 arrows-320

Bow and 24 arrows-640

Pack of 6 throwing knives-160

Pack of 12 throwing knives-320

Pack of 24 throwing knives-640

Trapping Set-300





5 vials of poison-350

10 vials of poison-700

Explosives (will injure someone)- 300

Explosives (will injure/kill someone)-380

Explosives (will kill someone)-450

Weapon of choice (tribute’s strongest weapon maybe?)-ranging from 300-1000

A Mutt (protective)- 1000

A Mutt (attacking)-1200

A Mutt (both)-2000

You must PM me or review to sponsor. Just write:

  1. Who you want to sponsor
  2. Item
  3. Message
  4. Cost

Taken spots (446th Hunger Games: SYOT):

D1M- Caspien Murakami (Nautics)

D1F- Valeria Alexander (Lilah32)

D2M-Rain Underbloom (Apple1230)

D2F- Athena Sphinx (Team Shadow)

D3M-Copper Staar (Malec6872)

D3F- Jinx Lolita (Malec6872)

D4M-Hunter ’point-blank’ Cornel (Nautics)

D4F- Raven Irving (DragonSilvertongue)

D5M- Cedric Barracks (Lilah32)

D5F- Alex Clearwater (DefoNotAFangirl)

D6M-Riggs Armstrong (Professor R.J Lupin)

D6F-Astrid Auburn (Professor R.J Lupin)

D7M- Lucas Aeron (TeamShadow)

D7F- Ivy Lee (glittergirl20)

D8M-Finn Whisson (Pacecca)

D8F- Adelaide Adara (FanaticFox304)

D9M- Viktor Kay (Guesttwelve)

D9F-Strix ”Sofia” Penelope (Guesttwelve)

D10M-Rommel Ash (CinnamonBun24)

D10F- Angel Graey (Apple1230)

D11M- Kal Grant (Me- he’s part of a side plot)

D11F- Magnolia Quirred (ihaveacupofnoodles)

D12M-Ashton Brennen (foxfaceisthebest)

D12F-Xylia Anali (Annabeth Pie)

These are my main fandoms:

Harry Potter (J.K Rowling), Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins), Stranger Things (Netflix), Maze Runner (James Dashner), The Darkest Minds (Alexandra Bracken), Wings Of Fire (Tui. T Sutherland), Pirates Of The Carribbean, Marvel (Stan Lee), the Red Queen Series (Victoria Aveyard), The Mortal Instruments (Cassandra Clare), The Dark Artifices (Cassandra Clare), The Infernal Devices (Cassandra Clare), The 100(I’m not sure where it actually comes from I just know it’s on Netflix lol) and Divergent (Veronica Roth.)

Favourite characters: Hermione Granger, Dobby and the Marauders minus Peter (Harry Potter), Finnick Odair and Rue (Hunger Games), Eleven and Max (Stranger Things), Newt (Maze Runner), Jude and Zu (The Darkest Minds), Quibli and Glory (Wings of Fire), Jack Sparrow(Pirates Of The Carribbean), Black Widow and Groot (Marvel), Captain Farley and Kilorn (Red Queen), Jace, Isabelle and Magnus (Mortal Instruments), Julian, Kit and Ty (The Dark Artifices), Will and Jem (The Infernal Devices), Octavia and Bellamy Blake (The 100) and Uriah (Divergent.)

Least favourite characters: Peter Pettigrew (Harry Potter), Peeta (Hunger Games), Dr Martin Brenner (Stranger Things), Teresa (Maze Runner), Clancy Gray (The Darkest Minds), Webs and Kestrel (Wings of Fire), David Jones (Pirates Of The Carribbean), Doctor Strange (Marvel, even though he’s still awesome he’s my least favourite) Cal (Red Queen), Sebastian/Jonathan Morgenstern(Mortal Instruments), Annabelle Blackthorn (The Dark Artifices), Benedict Lightwood (The Infernal Devices), Clarke sorry but she’s so annoying and simple (The 100) and Al(Divergent.)

Favourite Character Of All: Currently either Eleven, Hermione, Finnick or Magnus :D I cant decide!

Least favourite Character Of All: Definitely Peter Pettigrew, he’s just the classic wimp.

James or Snape: JAMES

Gale or Peeta: GALE

Main OTPs (1-3 from each fandom):


RONMIONE (RonxHermione)

JILY (JamesxLily)

Kale (KatnissxGale)

Heffie (HaymitchxEffie)

Clato (ClovexCato)

MILEVEN (MikexEleven)

Lumax (LucasxMax)

Trenda (ThomasxBrenda)

Luby (LiamxRuby)



Clintasha (ClintxNatasha)




Sizzy (SimonxIzzy)


Jemma (JulianxEmma)

KITTY (KitxTy)

WESSA (WillxTessa)

Jessa (JemxTessa)


BELLARKE (BellamyxClarke)

Raw (RavenxShaw)

Fourtris (FourxTris)

I hate Drarry, Dramione, Clabastain (incest ew), everyone’s gonna hate me but Everlark and Theresa. Most of the rest I like but their not my OTP’s.


Hogwarts House: Gryffindor (pottermore)

Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird (pottermore)

District: 4 and 12 (multiple tests)

Faction: Abnegation (born), Erudite (transfer) (multiple tests)

Aptitude Test: Divergent! Abnegation and Erudite!

Tribute Status: Victor!

A bit about me:

I own 3 pets, one bearded dragon called Mushu and two dogs called Coco and Jessie, they are border collies. My favourite subjects are Science and English. I’m an Aussie who loves to travel, I’ve been to quite a few countries. I’m also still in high school. I have lots of commitments outside of school such as Netball, Calisthenics (see Calisthenics Australia for more info) and tennis. My favourite colour is turquoise or sea-green, my favourite food is carbonara, beef ribs or salmon. I’m born in Summer and it is my fave season. I love looking at art although I'm bad at it, Dimitra Milan is awesome, totally check out her work! I recently changed my name from StrangerThingsHungerGames11.HP, to TacoPheonix88. Just because I needed a shorter name : )

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