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I've been reading fanfiction stories long before I started this account (so, if any of you got reviews from guest Grace, that was me).

I love to read. I read all different stuff. I read biographies, mysteries, fiction, romance, supernatural, historical fiction, etc. I actually have a list of books I want to read, whenever I can find the time. The library is my best friend! Not to mention, my own mini-library at home is chock full of all my favorites. I am always up for talking about my favorite books!

I am also a big movie fan. I watch pretty much everything, except horror. Some of my favorite movies and movie series are:

Star Wars

Indiana Jones

Harry Potter

The Chronicles of Narnia



October Baby

A Walk to Remember

Pirates of the Caribbean

Hunger Games

My dad is slowly turning me into a Marvel fan, but so far Thor and Amazing Spiderman are the top in my book, although Guardians of the Galaxy is working its way up there, haha.

I love love LOVE all things Disney. I have seen too many Disney movies to count, live off of Disney songs, watch Disney channel obsessively, and record all the DCOMs. Whistle while you work from Snow White is my literal jam (and motivation song). As of now, my favorite Disney movie is Tangled, Disney shows are Girl Meets World and Andi Mack, and my favorite DCOMs are Cloud 9, Descendants (1,2,3), and Zombies (1,2).

I sing all the time. All. The. Time. I grew up singing. Apparently, it's now stuck haha. I sing a little bit of everything, but my radio is normally stuck on the Christian radio stations (because I'm a Christian).

If I watch anything that's not Disney Channel, I'm probably watching Riverdale, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, NCIS: Los Angeles (or NCIS, whichever one is on), Little House on the Prairie, or whatever my dad is watching (the Hallmark Channel, mostly).

Please show me a bit of grace as this is my first account and I hope to have some stories up soon, even though I do have a bit of a crazy life right now.

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